Customized Fields to Collect Information From Speakers

Collect Information From Speakers


When you're organizing a conference, there's a lot of data you need to collect. Speaker information, speaker bios, and even speaker preferences are a must-have when planning your event. With Dryfta's Speaker Hub, you can easily gather and display speaker information for your event. It takes away the back-and-forth of traditional information collection, allowing you to take care of other pressing matters.

However, some events require organizers to collect additional important information from speakers—like dietary restrictions or Audio-visual preferences etc. To help event organizers be able to gather this information more efficiently within one system, Dryfta lets organizers create Customized Fields in the speaker form.

Collect all sorts of information from speakers from one dashboard

Organizers can set up custom fields for speakers to fill out from their dashboard. The custom fields can be used to collect important logistical information such as:

  • Arrival and departure times – Know when to expect your speakers, as well as when they're leaving. This information will help you accommodate their schedules when planning your event, especially if you are providing transportation for them.
  • Technology needs – If your speakers will be needing some specialized technology during their session or have special Audio-Video requirements, simply create a Multiple input box field and let them enter a list of items they need for their session or workshop.
  • Dietary information – Collecting information about your speakers' diet preferences can be incredibly helpful when it is time to set up catering.

Speaker registration form

Custom fields can be used to add additional information to speaker profiles, such as:

For example, if a workshop is being hosted, organizers can give speakers the option to tell attendees what materials might be needed. This is a great way for organizers to help speakers prepare for their workshops and make sure that attendees know what to expect.

If speakers want to host one-on-one meetings with attendees, organizers can set up a custom field for speakers to provide a link for attendees to sign up with. This will allow attendees to get in touch with the speaker after the event if they have any questions or concerns about what they learned.

They can even be used to let attendees know the speaker's area of expertise or role in a company. This gives them an idea of what topics might be covered during the presentation and helps them feel more comfortable attending an event where they may not know anyone else in attendance yet (and vice versa).

Speaker Profile

Speaker Form is quick and easy to use!

Organizers can add customized fields to speaker forms within Dryfta's Speaker Hub — all you have to do is go to the Speaker Hub > Speaker Form and select a field type you want. That's all there is to it!

Organizers will give the field a name, so attendees know what information it's meant to collect, and can choose whether or not it's required. Organizers can also toggle visibility for private or public use, choosing what fields will be seen publicly by attendees and which will be for internal use only.

Custom field types