Sync Subscribers from Dryfta to Constant Contact

Dryfta is an event management platform for universities and organizations. The Constant Contact integration for Dryfta lets event organizers sync subscribers and mailing lists from Dryfta event platform to Constant Contact and vice-versa.


Overall Benefits

  • Collect email addresses using the opt-in box on your Dryfta powered event website and push these subscribers to a mailing list on your Constant Contact account. That’s the combined power of Constant Contact email marketing and Dryfta event platform, at your disposal!
  • Apart from subscribers, you can also sync name and email addresses of your attendees and speakers to Constant Contact and send email campaigns using the Constant Contact email software.
  • Convert subscribers in your Dryfta event platform to registrants

Technical & Support

To use the Constant Contact integration for Dryfta, all you need is your API key and Access token. Enter these credentials in your Dryfta dashboard and you’re all set to start syncing your mailing lists and subscribers.


Constant Contact integration comes free with a Dryfta subscription.


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New & Improved Budget & Expenses Manager for Events

Budget & Expenses Manager was initially launched as a very basic budget management tool to add your individual expenses and calculate the total expenses.

However, after receiving feedback from our customers, we decided to develop this into a more complete and visually appealing budget management tool.

With this new update, Budget & Expenses Manager lets you set a target budget and add your expenses. It then calculates your profit/loss based on expenses and the target budget and also lets you know the balance due for each item.


Apart from providing an overall profit/loss overview, it also categorizes your budget and shows profit/loss for each category.

It also visualize your expenses in a nice-looking circle graph / pie chart showing the total percentage of the expenses each item has incurred.

You can export your latest expenses data anytime. To download your expenses, profit/loss and other details, go to Backups Manager and download your data in CSV format.

Let us know what you think of the new Budget & Expenses Manager in the comments below.

Promote your Event on our Event Directory & Social Networks – It’s Free!

We have created an event directory to promote events of our customers, for no extra cost. After you submit your event, our team curates your submission and readies it for distribution on our social networks.

event directory


Let us know what you think of this value-add and if you have any suggestions for us to do it better.


Clone Previous Year’s Event to Create new Event

With Dryfta event platform, you have full control over your event data even after the event is over. Once the event is over, your event website remains up and running till you wish to delete it.

You can export your event data anytime. Event data includes attendees, abstracts, sessions, reviewers, orders among other data types.

If you were to purchase the platform each spring, you can create a new event using your past event data without having to recreate the event each year. It takes literally just one click to copy your past event.


Let us know what you think of this feature and if this was something you were looking for.


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Non-profits & organizations signed up for Dryfta event platform (December)

With newly added features in November last month, Dryfta has gained 3 new customers in the non-profits and government organization segment this month, including: Oasis Open for their conference Borderless Cyber USA Conference and Integrative Medicine for the Underserved (Im4Us) to host their 6th Im4Us 2017 Conference.

Alongside non-profits, we have signed up with the Ministry of Health, Kenya, to host their 10th Annual Neglected Tropical Diseases Conference. They shall use Dryfta to accept abstract submissions and conduct peer reviews, send email campaigns, build a full-fledged event website, sell tickets, creating name badges & participation certificates and numerous other requirements.

1472559413kemri im4us oasis

To see the latest features added and improvements made to the Dryfta event platform, go to our System Status page.
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Display Hotels near your Event Venue

Organizing an event is one aspect. Making sure your attendees are well accommodated is a whole lot different ball game. You need to block rooms in advance at multiple hotels, diligently manage the rooms blocked for attendees so there is enough availability while also making sure you havent blocked rooms more than what is required. All of this results in a lot of wasted resources, time and money.

Instead, wouldnt it be better if you could just display the nearest hotels to stay from your event venue, on your event website, and let your attendees book their rooms based on their requirements and budget? This saves you time, money and staff resources as you do not have to block rooms in advance.


Using the Stay22 widget for Dryfta, you can display places to stay near your event venue. All you need to do is enable the widget from your Dryfta dashboard. There’re multiple filters for attendees to find rooms within their budget, based on distance from the venue, by check-in and check-out dates and with additional requirements.

Let us know what you think of this upgrade and if this was something you were looking for.


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