Set Groups for Tickets & Display them under Different Headings


Many event organizers using Dryfta have a lot of ticket types for their delegates to choose from. So, they would just create these ticket types and it would all display in the ticket purchase form. Most of the times, this results in confusion for delegates as to which ticket type is meant for what purpose.
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Abstract Submissions Progress Bar – Visual Approach to Managing your Call for Papers


We decided to add a progress bar in abstract management system to keep chairs and admins aware of where they are in the abstract submission process and what is next that is to be done.

This progress bar progressively displays the task that needs to be done in the abstract management system, marks completed tasks as done and keeps admin updated on the currently ongoing activity in the abstract submission system.

Starting from setting up abstract submission to collecting abstracts, assigning abstracts to reviewers and making decisions on the reviewed abstracts, it covers the whole aspect of abstract management and peer review.
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The Reason We Stopped Our Free Plan


Dryfta is an all-in-one event management platform for universities and non-profits. Until a few months ago, we had a free plan for event organizers to host events for up to 30 registrants. With access to all features. Without any time limitation on usage. It was a plain, simple free plan. Until we realized it wasnt. We were giving up too much for nothing.
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How Autodesk is using Dryfta to Manage Autodesk University Conferences


When Autodesk team initially thought about using Dryfta to manage their events, they were primarily interested in using our abstract management and peer reviews system to host their call for papers for 12 conferences across the globe including Australia, Brazil, Middle East and ASEAN countries.

Later, after we walked them through an extensive demo and explained them about our various other offerings, they decided to use Dryfta for other more important requirements including tasks workflow and management for speakers, program/sessions management, and a multi-lingual platform with support for RTL languages. Except a few customization, they have used almost all of our features as is.
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Improve Email Deliverability with a Whitelabel Domain


Dryfta event platform now provides you with the option to send email campaigns signed by your own domain and through your own unique IP address. This improves email deliverability to a large extent and also lets you access more detailed reports of where your mails are going and how they are being treated by spam filters.

To enable these features on Dryfta platform, we have partnered with Sendgrid. Sendgrid is a widely-used, reliable platform to send your transactional and marketing emails.

Here’re the steps to set up your campaign sending through Sendgrid:

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New organizations who signed up for Dryfta in March 2017

Dryfta welcomes new clients in the non-profits, universities and organizations segments this month, including: International Foster Care Organisation’s 2017 World Conference and Organ Preservation Alliance’s Organ Banking Summit 2017.

Alongside non-profits, we have signed up with the African Tax Administration Forum, South Africa, to host the 6th Country Correspondence Conference.

Organ Banking Summit is using Dryfta to register participants, accept abstract submissions, create program schedule, sell tickets, and design their beautiful conference website.

In Non-profits segment, we also signed up European Tissue Repair Society (ETRS) and Belgian Defence, Belgium, to host the ETRS 2017 Congress. They are using Dryfta to accept abstract submissions and conduct peer reviews, send email campaigns, sell tickets and build event website.


Organ BankingATAF


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