The Event Platform for Programming Conferences

If you’re hosting a programming conference, Dryfta is your best bet. Period.


For most event organizers, it is a very common approach to set up an event management platform using a smorgasbord of tools viz. WordPress, Eventbrite, OpenCFP and Mailchimp. But what would it be like if you could have used these tools from a single platform, all fully integrated with one another, making for a seamless data flow among each other. This is exactly the pain point Dryfta event platform solves.

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Now, manage all your events from one place in your Dryfta event platform

You will now be able to access all your events from a single control panel. Simply hover on My profile icon in your dashboard, click on My Events and there you will see all your past and upcoming events you have created.


There’re three buttons besides each event. Copy, Manage, Delete.

Click on Manage button to manage your event.
Use Copy button to copy your event along with the event data. You have the option to choose which event data you want to copy on to the new event.
Delete button is there to delete the event. Please note that the event is not deleted right away. It goes in hibernation for 13 days and you have all that time to repeal the deletion process. If you do not do anything, the event shall be subsequently deleted from the system.


Dryfta & Google Analytics let you see who’s visited your event website

You can now integrate Google analytics with your Dryfta-powered event website. Simply paste your Google Analytics ID into your Dryfta dashboard and you would be able to view website hits, number of pageviews, locations of your website visitors, in real-time, and everything else that Google analytics offers.


The more you know your visitors, the more you understand your prospective attendees, and make decisions accordingly like which prospects need more targeting and re-targeting, for which countries should you increase your ad spending for your event, and other similarly important decisions. These decisions are what is going to make your event a success.


Break your Long Event Registration Form into Multiple Short Forms

A long & lengthy event registration form is a major put off and deters attendees from signing up for the event. One way is to refrain from asking too much information upfront during the online event registration. Try limiting your event registration form to basic information only viz. Name, Email address etc. You can always ask them to update their profile later from their dashboard once they have signed up.


However, if it is imperative to collect all the information during the registration process, then you can break the form into multiple pages. This basically means breaking a large form into multiple small forms, connected by next & previous buttons, making it easy for attendees to fill up the form with the required information and proceed to the next form and eventually complete the event registration process.

Dryfta has a Pagebreak button to break your form into multiple pages with option to define form headings and buttons to move back and forth when filling the registration form.

This button is also available for other forms including abstract submission and review submission forms, making it easy for authors and reviewers to submit their papers and reviews respectively. Give it a try!


We do not hold your funds

When using Dryfta to sell your event tickets, your funds go directly to your payment gateway account you’re using. So, all you do is sign up for a payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe and add the credentials they provided in to your Dryfta platform.


Now whenever a ticket is sold on your event website (built using Dryfta), the funds go directly to your Stripe or PayPal account. You can then withdraw funds from your PayPal/Stripe account to your bank account. The withdrawal process normally takes 2-3 days to complete and to transfer your funds to your bank account.

Dryfta is a platform to sell tickets and accept payments directly without any hold, whatsoever, on your funds.

Also, we do not charge any fees on payment transactions. You only pay for the plan you choose. That’s it. Nothing else.


What sets Dryfta apart from other event platforms?


The one unique difference between Dryfta and every other event platform is that Dryfta is built with integration in mind. Over the next few months, we are planning to integrate Dryfta with widely used apps including Salesforce, Mailchimp, WordPress and Quickbooks. We completely understand that the future is about collaboration between platforms. We’ll keep you posted!