PayTm wallet is now available for Dryfta

Hosting an event and selling tickets in India? You can now accept payments in INR currency through PayTm wallet on your Dryfta-powered event website.

Set up your PayTm merchant account and get paid directly. No middlemen. Zero fees. Simply link your PayTm merchant account and start selling your event tickets.


To start accepting payments through PayTm on your event website, complete the following steps:

  • Sign up for a merchant account on the PayTm website and get the credentials
  • Enter the credentials in to your Dryfta payment setup for PayTm payment gateway
  • Set currency to INR in your Dryfta payment setup
  • Click on Save.

You’re now all set to start accepting payments in Indian currency on your event website. Use Dryfta to sell tickets and to accept fees for paper and abstract submissions.

Let us know what you think of this upgrade and if this was something you were looking for.


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Process refunds from your Dryfta event dashboard

Until now, when processing refund, the Dryfta platform was primarily acting as a bookkeeper by recording the refund amount in the system. However it didnt actually process the refund. To process the refund, our event organizers have had to log in to their Stripe dashboard and manually process the refund.

We’re changing that. Admin users can now process refunds right from their Dryfta dashboard.


The refund will be automatically processed if Stripe payment gateway was selected while this order was being placed. Admins have the option to make partial refunds. The refund amount does not include tax.

Also, if an order remains pending, the system will now tell you the reason about why the credit card failed or declined. It could be due to many reasons including wrong credit card number, expired credit card, declined by bank etc.

Let us know what you think of this upgrade and if this was something you were looking for.


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Send SMS notifications to attendees using Twilio for Dryfta

Twilio integration for Dryfta is out. For those who do not know about Twilio, it is a Messaging platform to send SMS from any app, and ensure deliverability using intelligent delivery features.

As an event organizer, you can do the following using Twilio:

  • Send SMSs when someone registers on your event website
  • Notify through SMS when someone purchases a ticket
  • Send automated event reminders to attendees on their registered phone numbers
  • Push an emergency notification to all of your attendees
  • Ask attendees to complete their registration form
  • Notify attendees about a sudden change in one of the program sessions

Update: Organizers can now send mass SMSs to all registrants. Simply enter your text, choose the registrant type and click on Send button to send SMSs to everyone at once.

To start sending automated SMSs to your attendees, you need to purchase a plan at Twilio’s website, get the credentials and enter those credentials into Twilio settings in your Dryfta dashboard.


Let us know what you think of this upgrade and if this was something you were looking for.


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Sync subscribers from Dryfta to Mailchimp

Dryfta is an event management platform for universities and organizations. The Mailchimp integration for Dryfta lets event organizers sync subscribers and mailing lists from Dryfta event platform to Mailchimp and vice-versa.


Overall Benefits

  • Collect email addresses using the opt-in box on your Dryfta powered event website and push these subscribers to a mailing list on your Mailchimp account. That’s the combined power of Mailchimp email marketing and Dryfta event platform, at your disposal!
  • Apart from subscribers, you can also sync name and email addresses of your attendees and speakers to Mailchimp and send email campaigns using the Mailchimp email software.
  • Convert subscribers in your Dryfta event platform to registrants

Technical & Support

To use the Mailchimp integration for Dryfta, all you need is your API key. Enter these credentials in your Dryfta dashboard and you’re all set to start syncing your mailing lists and subscribers to and from Mailchimp.


Mailchimp integration comes free with a Dryfta subscription.


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Event snapshots page with deeper real-time insights

Dryfta users flock to their event snapshots page whenever they want to see real-time status of their events. The real-time status includes attendees who are signing up, ticket orders that have been placed, abstracts that have been submitted so far, total payments collected, tickets which are selling the most, check-ins made to sessions, most loved speakers among attendees, most active attendees, topics/themes which were hot favorite among attendees, countries most participants came from, top commentators in forums, most successful exhibitors & sponsors and many other similar insights which keeps you in control of your events.


With the latest update, we have made event snapshots page more visually appealing. The tables with textual data has been replaced with colorful bar graphs and line charts, and added a world map visual graph to display countries with most participants.

To display change from last week for various single data points, we added percentage change under each number widget. That will give you an idea of how your event is faring at every passing week.

Let us know what you think of this upgrade and if it helps in any which way in creating your custom forms.


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Sell event memberships & Provide access to member-only content

Attendees flocking to your event every year? Give them the option to become members so they get access to member-only content along with discounted tickets.

  • Create different membership ticket types each with its own pricing
  • Allow membership sign-ups and renewals from the event website
  • Allow members to view membership details, tickets purchased, personal event schedule, Meeting requests, submitted abstracts etc from the dashboard
  • Members automatically receive membership renewal reminders
  • Existing members can renew or upgrade their membership type from the dashboard
  • Incentivize members to purchase tickets with members-only discounts

Get Dryfta to build you Event Membership website with member-only content and online ticket purchase.


Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions about the Membership tool.

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