Transform Audience Interaction with Fresh Updates to Event Schedule Builder

Transform Audience Interaction with Fresh Enhancements to Dryfta's Event Schedule Builder

Event management is a multifaceted endeavor that requires seamless coordination between program admins, attendees, and speakers. At Dryfta, we understand the complexities involved and are committed to simplifying the process for you. We're thrilled to announce a series of updates to our Event Schedule Builder designed to enhance user experience and streamline operations. Let's delve into the details.

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Creating an Interactive Event Schedule with Dryfta: Tips and Best Practices

Introducing Session Q&A and Chat in Dryfta Event App

In the ever-changing landscape of events, one thing remains constant—the need for a robust and interactive event schedule. An effective event schedule can make or break your conference, webinar, or seminar. This is where Dryfta's Event Schedule Builder comes into play.

From hosting live virtual meetings to providing real-time notifications and engagement tools, Dryfta offers an all-in-one solution for all your event planning needs. In this blog post, we will dive deep into how Dryfta can help you craft the perfect interactive event schedule and offer best practices to maximize attendee engagement.

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How to Create an Event Schedule: The Complete Checklist



There are a lot of details to nail down when you are organizing an event or conference. What structure do you use, how do you handle a networking event, how long should speakers be on for, and how many intervals should you include?

These are all excellent questions that deserve an answer, and while there is no single ideal way to run an event, you can use scheduling best practices to ensure your guests get what they need out of their attendance.
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Enable Authorized Check-ins to Prevent Attendees from Checking-in Remotely



As an organizer, if you wish to allow attendees to check-in to a program session only once they’re physically present at the venue, you can use the authorized check-in solution from Dryfta. The authorized check-in prevents attendees from checking-in to sessions remotely. Here’s how it works:
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A Definitive Guide to Building an Event Website [PDF]

Guide to building an event website


As an event planner, having a website is crucial, especially when you are looking for a platform by which people can find you and solicit your services. But, what makes a good event website? And how do you even go about getting your new site up and running? We have all the details you need in this exhaustive guide on how to build an event website.

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Ethnography in Education Research Forum by University of Pennsylvania – A Case Study

Great, comprehensive conference planning platform

The Ethnography in Education Research Forum at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education invites submissions for its 2019 Annual Meeting and the celebration of the Forum’s 40th anniversary. The Forum welcomes scholars at all career stages seeking a supportive venue for sharing their ethnographic work at various stages of development.


Used Dryfta for: Collecting abstracts, Sending email campaigns, Assigning abstracts to reviewers & conducting Peer reviews, Creating Event website, Selling tickets through credit card payments, Creating Program schedule.

Here’s a quick interview with Mary Yee, EdD, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, about her experience with using Dryfta event platform for Ethnography in Education Research Forum 2019
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