The Complete Hybrid Event Checklist

hybrid event checklist


Hybrid events deliver in-person and virtual formats to create interactive experiences for both audiences. Since you can host people locally while encouraging the entire world to attend, this option provides plenty of value to every stakeholder.

The best hybrid events provide high engagement and a broad reach while breaking down geographical barriers. When planned correctly, it’s possible to capture the energy of being together, even if some people are half a world away.

Even as people return to offices and more normal travel routines, the convenience of attending online events heightens the demand to create a hybrid approach.

Although the elements of planning hybrid events are similar to the traditional approach, some distinct differences also exist. That’s why it is crucial to review a thorough checklist when preparing for in-person and online audiences.
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Benefits of Creating Hybrid Events

benefits of hybrid events


The last couple of years have been difficult for companies wishing to connect and network with new leads and customers and forge new partnerships through live events.

Lockdowns and social distancing have all but closed off hosting physical gatherings. Even when lockdowns are lifted, a live event is still a risky proposition as a new outbreak could be just around the corner, ready to slam the doors shut on your plans without warning.

However, for every obstacle thrown up by the pandemic, new opportunities always present themselves. You may not be able to reliably gather people in a physical location any time soon, but hybrid events deliver a viable solution that might just be the solution that covers all your bases.

Will hybrid events take over as the new standard, what are they, and how can your company benefit? Let’s find out.

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Top 11 Hybrid Event Ideas for Nonprofits – The 2022 List

hybrid event ideas


More than half of the organizations around the world faced a pretty drastic change after the COVID-19 situation. Moreover, the greatest challenge to overcome since 2019 is canceling the event or making them virtual.

Now that the world is gradually transitioning back to its normal state, we must learn the important lessons of virtual adaptation and conduct business affairs regularly.
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IAME Hybrid Conference 2021 – Case Study

hybrid sessions


Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), together with Delft University of Technology (TU-Delft) prepared for the 2021 IAME conference in Rotterdam, one of the main gateways to Europe. Rotterdam is one of the most beautifully modern ports in the world, thus still positioned to experience significant growth within its own industry. The conference aims to bring experts from all parts of the world as well as new ideas, revealing insights and cutting-edge research results.
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Reinventing the City Hybrid Conference – Case Study

hybrid sessions


The conference went very well and we are very happy with the Dryfta platform

AMS Institute believes in re-inventing cities by generating ideas, talent and collaborations with the cities of today. They perform active data analysis and design to generate sustainable, prosperous and successful improvements to our cities. With cities in grids, there’s room for improvement. Cities are the place we live, work and play. They’re also the place where major transitions occur. It’s precisely that reason that they need to explore urban innovation. Such as mobility, circularity, energy transition, climate adaptation, urban food systems and digitization; this will help kick off or boost efforts to improve liveability and sustainability.
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Hybrid Event on Budget: Tips from Covid Pandemic

Hybrid Event


Thanks to COVID-19, it’s 2022, and the workplace dynamic has shifted a lot. When businesses tend to opt for an in-person event back in the old days, today, people are gravitating toward hybrid meeting solutions for higher efficiency and workplace functionality. According to statistics, around 34% of event organizers and businesses expect to invest more in hybrid meeting solutions in the coming years. However, hybrid meeting solutions can also be incorporated into your events, even if you happen to be on a budget.
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