Introducing Free Private Messaging on Dryfta

Private Messaging

In our continuous effort to provide exceptional event experiences, we are thrilled to announce a significant breakthrough in our private messaging tool on the Dryfta event platform. Through substantial improvements in our underlying technology, we have successfully reduced the resources required for this feature to a large extent. Therefore, starting this week, we are excited to make the private messaging tool free to all our users. This tool, integrated within the Dryfta event app for Android/iOS and the Dryfta event website, enables participants to send private messages, share files, and exchange links seamlessly during virtual and in-person sessions.

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7 Advantages Of Hybrid Events Over Face-To-Face Events

Advantages Of Hybrid Events Over Face-To-Face Events


The pandemic has shaken up the conference industry as we know it. Many companies are now looking for more flexible ways to convene, which is why we’ve seen a surge in hybrid events that provide attendees with both virtual and in-person event experiences.

Hybrid events take a lot of the best features of both face-to-face and virtual events and combine them into one. They’re accessible to a much larger audience, they’re significantly cheaper to execute, and they allow you to have an on-demand library of videos for people who missed your live event. It also makes it possible for more people to communicate with each other and form communities without ever having to meet one another face-to-face. While there are still benefits to in-person events, a lot of those benefits can now be achieved by using hybrid events.
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Turn Your Hybrid Event into a Successful One

Hybrid Event Checklist

Online and hybrid events have been growing in popularity for some time, but the arrival of COVID-19 forced many businesses to add an online component when hosting events and conferences.

Companies that had not considered online or hybrid events before soon realized they deliver a range of benefits, such as an extended reach and adding more seats without needing a larger venue. Plus, the online portion of the event can take over as the showrunner should a lockdown come into play.
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The Complete Hybrid Event Checklist

hybrid event checklist


Hybrid events deliver in-person and virtual formats to create interactive experiences for both audiences. Since you can host people locally while encouraging the entire world to attend, this option provides plenty of value to every stakeholder.

The best hybrid events provide high engagement and a broad reach while breaking down geographical barriers. When planned correctly, it’s possible to capture the energy of being together, even if some people are half a world away.

Even as people return to offices and more normal travel routines, the convenience of attending online events heightens the demand to create a hybrid approach.

Although the elements of planning hybrid events are similar to the traditional approach, some distinct differences also exist. That’s why it is crucial to review a thorough checklist when preparing for in-person and online audiences.
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Benefits of Creating Hybrid Events

benefits of hybrid events


The last couple of years have been difficult for companies wishing to connect and network with new leads and customers and forge new partnerships through live events.

Lockdowns and social distancing have all but closed off hosting physical gatherings. Even when lockdowns are lifted, a live event is still a risky proposition as a new outbreak could be just around the corner, ready to slam the doors shut on your plans without warning.

However, for every obstacle thrown up by the pandemic, new opportunities always present themselves. You may not be able to reliably gather people in a physical location any time soon, but hybrid events deliver a viable solution that might just be the solution that covers all your bases.

Will hybrid events take over as the new standard, what are they, and how can your company benefit? Let’s find out.

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Top 11 Hybrid Event Ideas for Nonprofits – The 2023 List

hybrid event ideas


More than half of the organizations around the world faced a pretty drastic change after the COVID-19 situation. Moreover, the greatest challenge to overcome since 2019 is canceling the event or making them virtual.

Now that the world is gradually transitioning back to its normal state, we must learn the important lessons of virtual adaptation and conduct business affairs regularly.
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