10 Must-Have Tools to Promote your Event

Event marketing platform


Have you been stressed out because you have to arrange your debut event but have no idea how to get the word around? In that case, you need an event management tool to promote your event.

There are several steps to run a promotional campaign for your event. You need to capture leads, nurture them, convert them to attendees, create buzz around your event, set up a landing page online, promote on social media, put up tickets, and so much more. This can quickly get overwhelming.

Fortunately, technology has solutions to rescue you. An event management tool has all the necessary features to help you create an event, promote your event, track the performance of your promotional campaigns, register users, collect payments, and everything in between. Many tools often come with free versions for free events, cheap pricing plans, or commission-based pricing.

So, if you are ready to up the spark of your event with personalized and unique promotional campaigns, get started with these tools to promote your event.
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Nonprofit Event Promotion – 10 Strategies For 2022

nonprofit event promotion


Whether physical or virtual, successful fundraising events are vital for any organization’s future. A well-promoted organization is more likely to receive help from its connections when needed, making it necessary to be known to the world.

Whether you’ve just started with the planning or near the event date, you need an effective marketing plan for nonprofit event promotion to get hooked with previous and new donors to make it a success.
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Event Marketing Guide for Academic Conferences [PDF]



The most important thing about an event is for it to serve the purpose it was planned, that is, it should reach the targeted audience and participants. Perhaps you are a strategic master at planning events, or you are just learning the art of events planning, but you have not been seeing much of the results you desire; there is something that you are missing out on.

What can make your events stand out, as well as gain the attention of the desired participants and audience is how you market them. Are you already marketing your events but are still not making as much progress as you want? This guide includes 35 event marketing tips you can learn to add more colors to how you plan and execute your meetings.

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10 Sure-Fire ways to Attract Attendees to your next Event

Attendees in a conference 

A well-executed event can help boost brand awareness, facilitate lead generation and increase your sales. However, a well-planned event but a poorly promoted one does little to meet the goals you set out for it. Nothing is more discouraging than a lukewarm turn-out for an event you’ve invested your physical and intellectual capacities in. Which is why we’ve put together a list of activities you must tie in with your promotions.

Here are some sure shot ways you can boost the attendance to your event and make it a success:

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Promote your Event on our Event Directory & Social Networks – It’s Free!

We have created an event directory to promote events of our customers, for no extra cost. After you submit your event, our team curates your submission and readies it for distribution on our social networks.

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Let us know what you think of this value-add and if you have any suggestions for us to do it better.