Enhancing Speaker Engagement with the “Notify Speakers” Tool

Empowering Organizers and Engaging Speakers: Dryfta's New Feature Enhances Communication and Preparation


Effective communication is crucial for the success of any conference or event. Organizers often need to promptly notify speakers and moderators about their sessions, allowing them to prepare adequately for their presentations. Dryfta, the leading event management platform, has introduced an exciting new feature: the “Notify Speakers/Moderators” button to address this issue. With this powerful tool, organizers can now effortlessly notify speakers and moderators about their sessions as soon as the program schedule is created. This proactive approach enables presenters to prepare for their presentations well in advance, ensuring a seamless and impactful event experience.

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How to Create an Event Schedule: The Complete Checklist



There are a lot of details to nail down when you are organizing an event or conference. What structure do you use, how do you handle a networking event, how long should speakers be on for, and how many intervals should you include?

These are all excellent questions that deserve an answer, and while there is no single ideal way to run an event, you can use scheduling best practices to ensure your guests get what they need out of their attendance.
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Schedule your Sessions Fast & Easy with the new Program Scheduler!

Program Scheduler

If you host plenty of sessions at your conference, scheduling them must have been no easy task! There’re just so many variables to deal with. Venues, Speakers, Moderators, Presentations, Tracks, Days, Time slots. Multiply that with 10s and 100s of Sessions and you have thousands of probabilities to think about.

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