Host Live Events with Zoom & Vimeo for 10,000 Attendees

Virtual event

Using Dryfta Virtual Event Toolkit, events organizers can setup live events with live Q&A session for up to 10,000 attendees. To enable livestream and Q&A for such a large audience, we use a combination of Vimeo Livestream and Zoom.

A Zoom meeting is used by speakers to present the session and Vimeo is used to livestream that Zoom meeting to the participants watching live on Dryfta. When participants need to ask questions, they need to join the same Zoom meeting, where speakers are presenting, to ask questions.

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to set up the live event with live Q&A:


➊ Create a new virtual session in Dryfta Program Builder or Edit an existing session

Session editor

➋ Under Meetings, create a new meeting or select an existing meeting, and enable embed & live Q&A settings

➌ Under Livestream settings, enter the link to the livestream URL as configured in the Zoom meeting (livestream URL can be found from under the “Red” Livestream button in the top left corner)

virtual event settings

➍ After enabling other settings based on the features you need, click on Save. Below is a screen capture of an attendee participating in an ongoing livestream session with live Q&A: