Use your own Email address to send mails

Currently, when you send an email from within Dryfta, we use our own email account to send those emails on your behalf. We received a lot of feedback from our customers that they would like those emails sent using their own email address instead of ours, so we’re going to implement that change over the next few days.

Use your own email address

What makes it so important?

  • Emails sent from Dryfta are far less likely to be caught by spam filters because they are sent from your own email address now
  • Any replies to those emails go straight to your inbox
  • If you have configured DKIM for your domain, all emails sent will be signed automatically, further reducing mail being caught in spam filters
  • Dryfta will still be able to track clicks and opens per email template, you will still be able to use the same templates you’ve created
  • Ability to send outbound emails from multiple email addresses of your choice (within the same domain)

We’re going to roll out this improvement in the next few days, and to enable these features you only need to verify your domain once. We support all private domains eg. We currently do not support the public email providers like, Gmail, Yahoo, Google Apps etc.

Update: This feature is now released and has been rolled out across the platform.

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