Improve Email Deliverability with a Whitelabel Domain


Dryfta event platform now provides you with the option to send email campaigns signed by your own domain and through your own unique IP address. This improves email deliverability to a large extent and also lets you access more detailed reports of where your mails are going and how they are being treated by spam filters.

To enable these features on Dryfta platform, we have partnered with Sendgrid. Sendgrid is a widely-used, reliable platform to send your transactional and marketing emails.

Here’re the steps to set up your campaign sending through Sendgrid:

1. Create an account on Sendgrid

2. Verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your registered email

3. Go to Settings > API Keys to create an API key and provide full access to it

4. Update the API key in Sendgrid settings in your Dryfta platform

5. Go to Sendgrid again under Settings > Whitelabel

6. Add your default domain which you want to display as ‘Signed by’ when you send an email.

7. Update your DNS Zone with the CNAME and TXT records as provided by Sendgrid to validate your domain, email links and IP address.

8. Now, send a test email through your Dryfta Broadcast tool to make sure emails are being sent through your Sendgrid account and the Signed by is displayed with your domain you have entered in the Whitelabel settings.

What is domain whitelabeling?

Domain whitelabeling adds an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record to your domain and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) entries, which effectively authorizes and authenticates SendGrid sending on behalf of your domain. Choosing SendGrid’s new automated domain whitelabeling feature allows SendGrid the ability to securely manage your account’s DKIM and SPF records. Domain whitelabeling is the best way to get rid of the “sent on behalf of” or “via” message that some email providers display.

What is email link whitelabeling?

Whitelabeling adds a CNAME record for a subdomain that you choose, which masks click and open-tracking links to your domain rather than a SendGrid domain. This increases deliverability, builds trust, and strengthens your brand in your emails.

What is IP whitelabeling?

IP whitelabeling adds an A-record on a subdomain that points directly to your unique sending IP address. This further increases trust and improves deliverability of your email.

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