Want to know which sessions & speakers are hot favorite among attendees?

Being an event organizer, one needs to make sure his/her attendees are engaged on the highest level. To make sure an attendee is engaged, it is important to have engaging and relevant sessions and speakers, among other things.

But how would you know if your attendee is engaged, or not? Dryfta helps you know if your sessions and speakers are engaging your attendees. It also lets you know if a session is too interesting and the room is overfilled. In that case, you can arrange for a larger room with more moderators for more healthy discussion on the session’s topic.


Dryfta uses the Check-in and Add to Favorite buttons in each session to figure out if the session and the speakers are becoming a favorite among attendees. All you need to do is to make sure your attendees click on Check-in button to check-in to the session when they join in.

You also need to tell them about the Add to favorite button to build their own personal schedule of sessions they want to attend. The Add to Favorite button also helps you know beforehand if a session is close to becoming overfilled so you can change the venue to a larger one so as to accommodate more attendees.

Let us know what you think of this feature and if it helped you increase engagement among attendees.


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