Sell tickets on your event website using Stripe payment gateway

Less than 5 percent of the people have PayPal account, while more than 95 percent have credit cards. If your event website permits only PayPal, it will mean that most attendees will be unable to pay. In such a case the creation of your event website was pointless. Therefore, a credit card processor is necessary to facilitate all payments and not just PayPal.


We recommend Stripe’s credit card processor because it charges less per transaction fee, is very organizer-friendly, and because we already have an integration built inside Dryfta, for Stripe, just like we have integration for PayPal, Authorize and 2Checkout.

However, Stripe is only available in select few countries right now. So, if you operate out of a Non-Stripe country, here’s our suggestion:

If you or your acquaintance has a bank account and a physical business address in any of the following countries mentioned below, you can open a Stripe account and once activated, you will enter the provided credentials into Dryfta which will allow you to accept Credit Card payments on your Dryfta-powered event website. All your collected payments will be directly transferred to your bank account in that country.

List of countries where Stripe is currently available:

The sign up process takes just a few minutes. Just make sure you have a bank account and a physical business address in any of the above-mentioned countries.


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