Launch contests to increase ticket sales & collect email addresses

Wish to increase ticket sales and also create a huge mailing list? Start a contest!

discount coupon

Here’s how it works

Ask your site visitors to submit their name & email addresses and then at the end of the contest, select a random submitter who would get a discount code which they can later use to purchase discounted tickets.

How do I set it up

To collect name and email addresses, you can embed Dryfta’s newsletter subscription widget. Get it from under your Subscribers list in Dryfta event platform.

To create discount codes for your tickets, use Discounts manager tool in your Dryfta platform, and share it with the random submitters you have chosen. The winners would use the discount code to purchase the tickets.

Who else does it

Skift Global Forum recently organized a similar contest and has collected a lot of email addresses while also improving their ticket sales!

Here’s a sample subscription widget (Embedded from our demo Dryfta platform)