Introducing the Latest Updates in Dryfta’s Event Snapshot Tool

Dryfta event platform for academia & nonprofits

The event industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and we at Dryfta understand that real-time insights are crucial for event organizers. With that in mind, we're excited to introduce some game-changing updates to our Event Snapshot tool. These updates are designed to give you an immediate, in-depth look at various aspects of your event, right as they happen.

New Insights in Meetings & vCards

We've added two new metrics under the Meetings & vCards section: "Total Meeting Slots Created" and "Total Messages Sent".

  • Total Meeting Slots Created: This new addition allows you to gauge the networking potential of your event. By monitoring how many meeting slots have been created, you can assess attendee engagement and make real-time adjustments to encourage more networking if needed.

  • Total Messages Sent: This metric gives you a snapshot of the conversations happening at your event. It serves as an indirect measure of attendee engagement and networking. The more messages sent, the more active your event.

Fresh Additions to Sessions Insights

Our Sessions insights now include "Total Live Polls Created", "Total Session Comments", and "Total Session Surveys Taken":

  • Total Live Polls Created: Real-time polls can make a session interactive and engaging. This new metric tells you how many live polls have been created, helping you understand which sessions are successfully engaging attendees.

  • Total Session Comments: A high number of session comments indicate that the session was thought-provoking and engaged the audience. This metric allows you to identify which topics or speakers are resonating most with attendees.

  • Total Session Surveys Taken: Surveys provide valuable feedback. Knowing how many surveys have been taken can help you understand the areas where you are succeeding and where improvement is needed.

Introducing the Badges & Certificates Insights

We’ve created a brand-new section called "Badges & Certificates", featuring the "Total Badges Printed" and "Total Certificates Downloaded":

  • Total Badges Printed: This gives you a clear idea of how many attendees are fully participating in your event, as badges are generally printed for physical attendance.

  • Total Certificates Downloaded: The number of certificates downloaded can be a strong indicator of how many attendees found value in your event sessions, as these are usually downloaded after session completion.

Enhanced Submission Insights

Last but not least, we've added "Total Draft Submissions", "Total Accepted Submissions", "Total Rejected Submissions", and "Total Backup Submissions" in the Submission insights section:

  • Total Draft Submissions: This metric allows you to keep track of potential content that could be finalized and added to the event.

  • Total Accepted Submissions: Knowing how many submissions have been accepted can help you assess the quality and quantity of the content at your event.

  • Total Rejected Submissions: This count allows you to understand the selectivity and competition within your event's content.

  • Total Backup Submissions: These are your 'just in case' submissions. Monitoring this number can help you ensure you have a contingency plan in place for last-minute changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access the new Event Snapshot tool?

A: You can access it from your Dryfta Dashboard.

Q: Can I customize what metrics appear in my Event Snapshot?

A: Yes, you can choose which metrics are most relevant to your event.

Q: Is real-time data available for all types of events?

A: Yes, real-time data is available for both virtual and physical events.

Q: How can I use these insights for future events?

A: The data can be exported for analysis, helping you improve future events.

Use Cases

  • Networking Events: Use "Total Meeting Slots Created" and "Total Messages Sent" to measure networking success and make immediate improvements.

  • Educational Seminars: Utilize "Total Live Polls Created" and "Total Session Surveys Taken" to gauge attendee engagement and understanding of the material.

  • Conferences: "Total Accepted Submissions" and "Total Rejected Submissions" can help you understand the competitive landscape of your call for papers.

In summary, these latest updates to Dryfta's Event Snapshot tool are aimed at empowering event organizers with real-time, actionable insights. We're confident that these enhancements will help you create more successful and engaging events.