Introducing Dryfta’s Revamped Navigation System

Dryfta event platform for academia & nonprofits

In our constant endeavor to optimize the user experience, Dryfta is thrilled to unveil a brand-new navigation system for our backend tools. This update aims to simplify, declutter, and accelerate how you navigate through various modules and tools within the Dryfta platform, thereby enhancing productivity and reducing effort.

The New Navigation System: What's Changed

Inspired by the efficient navigation models seen in platforms like AWS, we've restructured the way you access backend tools. Instead of the old sidebar that nested all modules and menus in a parent-child association, we've introduced a module dropdown menu as your first point of interaction. From there, you can browse related tool options via a cleaner, organized sidebar.

Added Search Functionality

To further expedite navigation, we've incorporated a search function in the top navigation bar. This enables you to find and go directly to a specific tool by simply typing its name, eliminating the need to sift through module menus.

Benefits of the Update

  • Enhanced Organization: By segregating modules and their related tools, we've decluttered the interface, making it easier to focus on the task at hand.

  • Reduced Clicks: The new structure significantly reduces the number of clicks needed to access a specific tool, speeding up your workflow.

  • Quick Search: The search functionality is a game-changer for those who already know the tool they wish to access, making the process almost instantaneous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access the new navigation system?

A: The new navigation system is automatically updated in the Dryfta backend. You'll see it the next time you log in.

Q: Will the search function show all types of tools?

A:Yes, the search function is designed to pull up any tool within the Dryfta backend.

Q: Is any training required to use the new system?

A:The system is intuitive, but Dryfta will provide guides and tutorials for those interested in a more detailed walkthrough.

Q: Can I switch back to the old navigation system?

A:The new system is designed to replace the old one, offering a more streamlined experience.

In conclusion, the revamped navigation system stands as a testament to Dryfta's commitment to continually improving our platform's usability and efficiency. We are confident that this update will significantly enhance your backend experience, allowing you to manage your events with greater ease and effectiveness.