Simplify Contact Management with Revamped Import Tool

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In the realm of event management, the ability to efficiently manage and update contacts is paramount. That's why we're excited to announce a significant enhancement to Dryfta's Contacts Import Tool. This update is designed to make the process of importing and updating contacts from a CSV file more intuitive and less error-prone, empowering event organizers to focus on what truly matters—creating memorable experiences.

A Smoother, More Intuitive Import Process

Previously, our import tool allowed admins to import contacts from a CSV file, but it had its limitations. Specifically, the tool was sensitive to the arrangement of columns in the CSV file. If the columns were not in the correct order, the data would not be imported, leading to potential errors and inefficiencies.

We've listened to your feedback and made crucial updates. Now, when you import a CSV file, the system will display the columns from the file and allow you to map these columns to the corresponding contact properties in Dryfta. For example, the "Email" column in your CSV can be mapped to the "Email" contact property in the system, and the "Affiliation" column can be mapped to the Affiliation field. This gives you the flexibility to ensure that each piece of data goes exactly where it should. Once all columns are mapped—or skipped, if they're not needed—you can proceed to import the data seamlessly.

Why This Update Matters

  1. Reduced Error Margin: By allowing admins to map columns, we've significantly reduced the chances of import errors, ensuring that your contact data is accurate and reliable.

  2. Enhanced Flexibility: The new mapping feature provides the flexibility to import data in any column arrangement, making the tool more adaptable to your specific needs.

  3. Time Efficiency: The intuitive mapping process speeds up the import operation, allowing you to allocate more time to other crucial aspects of event management.

We believe this update will make your contact management process more efficient and error-free. As always, we're eager to hear your thoughts and feedback as you explore these new capabilities. Stay tuned for more updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in the Contacts Import Tool?

The updated Contacts Import Tool now allows admins to map columns from a CSV file to corresponding contact properties in Dryfta. This makes the import process more flexible and reduces the likelihood of errors.

How does column mapping work?

When you upload a CSV file, the system will display the columns from the file. You can then map these columns to the appropriate contact properties in Dryfta, such as mapping the "Email" column in the CSV to the "Email" contact property in the system.

What happens if the columns in my CSV are not in the correct order?

The new update eliminates this issue by allowing you to map columns regardless of their order in the CSV file. This ensures that each piece of data is imported to the correct field in Dryfta.

Can I skip columns that I don't need?

Yes, you have the option to skip columns that are not relevant to your contact properties. Simply proceed with the columns you wish to import.

What are the benefits of this update?

This update aims to make the import process more efficient, flexible, and error-free. It allows for greater adaptability to various CSV formats and ensures that your contact data is accurate.