The University of Edinburgh’s Nordic Research Network Conference – A Case Study

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The Nordic Research Network is a network of postgraduate students and early-career researchers based in the British Isles who are conducting Nordic research. Participation is not limited to those working within departments of Scandinavian Studies, and the network seeks to encourage Nordic research in all areas of the humanities and social sciences.


Used Dryfta for: Selling tickets online using Stripe payment gateway, Creating Event website, Email marketing

Here’s a quick interview with Ian Giles, Resident Assistant, The University of Edinburgh, about his experience with using the Dryfta event platform for Nordic Research Network London 2016.

What do you like best?

I love the fact that this is well suited for using for conferences, and that academics conferences fit into this just as well as commercial ones. The straightforward flow from start to finish – including easy integration of payments – is a big, big plus.

What do you dislike?

There’s the odd clunk at the moment, which Dryfta are doubtless working on diligently. I discovered a rather annoying bug that was causing issues – in an ideal world there would be no bugs at all – but support got it sorted for me.

What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

We switched to using Dryfta from Eventbrite. We had previously been spoilt by in-house availability of major events solutions we didn’t have to pay for – but once we were on our own, EB was just too expensive for what we were getting. By contrast, Dryfta is competitively priced and actually offers stuff we need.