Here’s How We Use Dryfta’s Event CRM

Event CRM


At Dryfta, we use Dryfta‘s Event CRM as our primary and only CRM to manage our contacts, update their information, send private emails and run email marketing campaigns. Here’s an example of how we do it:

  • Using the Import button (found under the “Gear” icon), we import contacts into the system.
  • Then create multiple roles like Typography Conference Organizers, Astronomy Conference Organizers etc.
  • Select all contacts, and assign “Typography…” role to all selected contacts using the Bulk Edit feature.
  • Once done, filter all contacts who have the “Typography…” role assigned and click on Send email button to send a customized email/newsletter to all the “Typography” contacts at once.
  • PS. We could go directly to the Email Campaigns and create a new campaign and send it to all the contacts who have been assigned the “Typography” role. Either way is fine.
  • After the email is sent, we take a peek inside the Campaign reporting to see who has opened/clicked on our email or unsubscribed from all future emails.
  • We then follow up with the contacts who have clicked on the links in the email, using our next campaign.
  • Those who’ve clicked a link in the email would now be marked as prospect or lost customer using the Bulk edit button for easier customer management.

If you have a feature request, we’re all ears. You can submit your feature requests on our support desk.