Top 10 Popular Event CRM for Nonprofits {2023}



Charity donations are made in large numbers every year. For the US alone, the amount of donations is more than $298 billion. This huge number doesn’t come from one place. There are several donors or supporters who donate different amounts as a part of their philanthropic efforts.

As a nonprofit organization that runs on these donations, it is critical to be able to get the most charity amount for your firm through your fundraising efforts. However, managing campaigns for funds and hosting events for donors can be extremely hectic, with more tasks than you can handle. In this case, an event CRM for nonprofits can prove to be highly useful.

In today’s world, consider a CRM tool for nonprofits as a non-negotiable. With this tool, all the information on your donors will become centralized. You will be able to track the most philanthropic people and potential supporters on a custom dashboard. A CRM will help you send personalized messages to supporters and automate your marketing campaigns. You will be able to manage events on a single platform, such as automation of ticketing and scheduling VIP notices. Follow-ups, tracking the success of events for fundraising, and workflow automation will lead to growth and more donations for the nonprofit.

In keeping with that, here are the top 10 best event CRM for nonprofits you can integrate with your event management system today.

1. Salesforce


🎯 Key Features:
β˜‘ Partner and channel management as you can easily onboard, recruit, and train partners for your marketing campaigns
β˜‘ You can register a fully customized event, set up tickets in different styles, manage logistics like sponsors, venue arrangements, etc., and allow guests to set their agendas
β˜‘ You can customize web-to-lead capture so you can accept gifts online and peer-to-peer fundraising application integration with Salesforce
β˜‘ You have the options for email, social media, and direct mail marketing. Streamline communication with donors and sponsors by segmenting recipients, designing targeted materials, and tracking responses
β˜‘ You can see how your fundraising campaigns are performing and build more strategic plans moving forward

πŸ’° Pricing
If you are an eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you get 10 free subscriptions through the Power Of Us program for this event CRM for nonprofits. There is no upfront cost, and other fees will be based on funds raised by your organization. All other prices for licenses are heavily discounted for eligible nonprofits.

You can find more about Salesforce event CRM for nonprofits here.

2. Salsa

Salsa event CRM

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Tracking Donations – There are customizable fields and data management tools that help you track gifts and how they match with your organization’s goals
β˜‘ Supporter data is safely arranged into respective profiles in Salsa CRM as soon as you receive data for a donor or supporter. This makes it easier to access data when needed
β˜‘ You can create direct mail templates for different campaigns, and the correct data will be filled automatically in the templates. This event CRM for nonprofits makes it easy to track direct mail engagement
β˜‘ Salsa has smart performance analytics and reporting features that allow you to observe how your campaign is performing in different areas
β˜‘ This CRM tool can integrate with other software tools in your organization

πŸ’° Pricing
There are different price packages available. Salsa supports nonprofits that can’t afford sophisticated CRM tools.

You can have a look at the complete features and more benefits of this event CRM for nonprofits here.

3. Nutshell

nutshell event CRM

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Salesforce Automation such as Contact & Account management, opportunity & pipeline management, and more
β˜‘ Marketing automation such as lead management
β˜‘ Mobile and Social Support for users
β˜‘ Forecasting, Reporting, and Analytics tools
β˜‘ Customer Support tools

πŸ’° Pricing
Nutshell subscription comes at $35 per user. However, there is a 10% discount for nonprofits available. You can sign up for a free trial here on their website.

4. Bloomerang

boomerang event crm

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Customized Dashboard, which provides a quick overview of your organization’s performance in various campaigns
β˜‘ Integrations with other software solutions used by the nonprofit such as for events, fundraising, and accounting
β˜‘ Engagement meter tracks the involvement of your supporters and retargets those who are lacking behind
β˜‘ Marketing tools allow you to automate marketing efforts by leveraging donor data to send personalized emails and more
β˜‘ Generosity score shows the giving capacity and other details of your potential donors

πŸ’° Pricing
There are different ranges of pricing, starting at $99 for up to 1000 contacts and going up to $499 a month for 40000 contacts. You can see the full pricing details here.

5. Kindful

kindful event crm

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Donor analytics
β˜‘ Donor data like social media accounts, history of giving, etc
β˜‘ Automatic entry of data for new additions
β˜‘ Personalized outreach campaigns for fundraising which can be automated
β˜‘ Tools to aid in fundraising

πŸ’° Pricing
The price starts at $100 a month for up to 1000 contacts and ends at $800 a month for more than 85000 contacts. You can schedule a demo of this event CRM for nonprofits here.

6. Network For Good

network for good event crm

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Auto-sync donations with respective donor profiles
β˜‘ Prevents duplicating contacts
β˜‘ Import option available to migrate data for free
β˜‘ Pledge and Household management
β˜‘ Option to integrate Quickbooks for accounting

πŸ’° Pricing
The pricing for this event CRM for nonprofits starts at $100 a month. You can get a free trial on their website here.

7. Neon CRM

neon event crm

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Built-in accounting feature with the option to integrate your own accounting software
β˜‘ Marketing campaign and donor relationship management
β˜‘ Custom reports available at one click
β˜‘ Automation of workflows such as data maintenance, contact engagement, communication, and more
β˜‘ Performance dashboards to track campaigns in real-time

πŸ’° Pricing
Neon CRM starts at $99 per month. There is no free version, but you can get a free trial. Check the full pricing details on their website.

8. Donor Perfect

donor perfect event crm

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Personalized marketing and outreach with tools for filtering, segmenting, and targeting
β˜‘ Auction and Grant management
β˜‘ Automation of workflows, reporting, and analytics of fundraising
β˜‘ Peer-to-peer fundraising tools and crowdfunding campaigns
β˜‘ Ticketing, text messaging, and advocacy integration

πŸ’° Pricing
You can get this event CRM for nonprofits at $89 a month for 1000 contacts. 75000 contacts can be managed at $799 a month. Check out their website for more information.

9. Pipedrive

pipedrive event crm

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Donor relationship management with follow-ups and personalized messages based on previous activity
β˜‘ Setup event management workflows at fundraiser campaigns, such as getting sign-ups from donors
β˜‘ Personalized dashboards for all nonprofit members to make data-backed decisions
β˜‘ Management of volunteers and estimate for fundraising
β˜‘ Automation of tasks and workflows

πŸ’° Pricing
You can get started on this event CRM for nonprofits for as low as $12.50 a month. Click here to get a free demo for Pipedrive.

10. Bitrix24

bitrix event crm

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Instant tracking with the mobile version available for both Android and iOS
β˜‘ Workflow automation
β˜‘ Agenda management and tracking activity via the dashboard
β˜‘ Powerful communication tools for internal and external contact. Video calls are available as well
β˜‘ Lead and contact management

πŸ’° Pricing
The price starts at $49 per month. There is a free trial and a free version of Bitrix24 available. You can check out the details here.

Pick one now to get started

An event CRM for nonprofits is an essential tool for you to run your fundraising campaigns smoothly, or you won’t be able to cope with the extensive donor information in the competitive nonprofit market today.

A CRM tool geared towards serving nonprofit organizations can handle all your repetitive and menial tasks by automating them and bringing all the event data to a central location so you can focus on hosting a successful fundraising event. With an event CRM for nonprofits, all you need to do is know how to use it, and you are set.