7 Signs You Need a Better CRM for Your Nonprofit Events



When it comes to nonprofit organizations, the aim is to gain revenue and funding to better the world that we live in. Nonprofit or not-for-profit entities and groups are present in a wide range of niches from education to science, wildlife, tech, research, religion, and more! In all such times, both businesses and nonprofit entities need to have access to appropriate customer relationship management software, also known as CRM for event management software.

According to research, the global market of CRM for event planners was valued at $52.64 billion just in the year 2020, and this demand is supposed to grow exponentially.

However, before we proceed into the topic’s intricacies, it is crucial to identify that when it comes to nonprofit groups, experts in the industry usually like to refer to CRM for event management as a constituent relationship management system instead of a customer relationship management.

What is CRM for Event Management for Nonprofit Groups?

When it comes to nonprofit groups, the definition and the application of CRM systems slightly differ. Like we just mentioned, when talking about nonprofits, it is better to refer to the best CRM for event management as constituent relationship management instead of customer relationship management. However, this is not being done just because it sounds aesthetically pleasing.

Constituents instead of Customers

Customer is replaced with constituent because for nonprofit groups, and the main target audience is not customers but constituents. To put it simply, constituents are all those groups, all individuals for a nonprofit who would be a part of the entity and have the ability to elect, vote for, and appoint an individual for a particular role. Another term for this phenomenon is called membership dealing or management. All of this is dealt with the best CRM for event management.

Furthermore, the constituent is used more commonly for all sponsors or donors for said nonprofit entities. Since these two groups are the main target, replacing customers with constituents is better. Typically, nonprofit CRM for event management and donation software program are used concurrently. Nonprofit CRM for event planners’ software may be differentiated from donor management software by enhanced constituent data implementation and coordination with other software that improves nonprofit activities in various divisions.

Signs You Need an Efficient CRM for your Nonprofit Events

According to statistics, 74% of respondents from a survey say that CRM solution gives them better access to customer data and offers more personalized service. If your group happens to be dealing with nonprofit events, it is essential to get your hands on the most efficient and best CRM for event management.

But, how do you know that you need the event CRM? Finding the right CRM for event planners and CRM for event management is only possible once you know that you lack some domains. Below, we will highlight all the signs indicating that you are in desperate need of the best CRM for event management.

1. You Have Scattered Data Before Event

The first and foremost reason your group can benefit from CRM for event management is if you happen to have a lot of data and all of it is scattered all over the place. This is nothing new and quite a common dilemma for various entities, both those just starting and those who happen to have made a name for themselves.

Gone are the days when data organization would just be limited to to-do lists and Excel sheets. Today, we need to have the best CRM for event management if we plan on getting anywhere. Minor chores such as finding the donor’s address or locating the contact number of a sooner can turn into a chore without an event CRM.

With CRM for event planners, you can easily keep all your data stored in an organized manner in one place. All the data can be updated at one location (virtual) and makes finding details much easier through the best CRM for event management. Some CRM for event management software comes with data import features to automatically shift your data from one location to another.

2. Manual Event Data Entry is Sucking up Resources

For businesses and nonprofit groups, manual data entry is a stone-age concept. Even if you happen to be dealing with a small unit, it is still essential to let go of the manual data entry process. This process is not just long, tiresome and frustrating for your team but can also end up with tons of errors. Getting CRM for event planners is advised instead of opting for such error-inducing methods.

An event CRM can eradicate duplicates, fix typos, and complete the entire data entry process in a couple of seconds, max. To guarantee that the information put into the system is accurate and complete, it is a good idea to outsource data entry to the event CRM software.

3. You Have Generic Email Automation

Email marketing automation gives a 451% increase in qualified leads. Sending out invitations to your nonprofit’s next event through email is a great way to remain in contact with past and current contributors.

An ideal CRM within an event management software would handle every step of the email campaigns procedure.  Using CRM email campaigns, you can send emails that speak out to your constituents by combining data from a CRM with customization from an email promotional tool. Every group member does not have to wait in front of their desktop for the perfect moment to send an email.

Automation is enticing due to CRM’s high degree of email customization for event planners systems. Your group can send out messages that users visit while putting less work into it with the help of CRM for event planners.

4. You Need Help Creating Event Profiles

Membership management of CRM for event managers requires you to have a strong grasp of your customer or constituents’ profiles. This is done so that you can create a strong list of all the potential sponsors for your nonprofit. A profile for constituents of a nonprofit should include the following information:

  • Name, address, contact number, email address, and social media profiles
  • Activities for advocacy that they believe in
  • Events they have attended
  • History of charities and donations
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Preferred mode of communication

Creating constituent profiles and reaching out can be easy once profiles are set up through the event CRM. A good CRM for event planning can create these for you and help you qualify donors for your event and disqualify those that do not meet your requirement. Furthermore, having backroad information on your donors and sponsors by creating correct profiles also gives you an edge during interviews as you come off as knowledgeable.

If you wish to entice donors and sponsors to work with you and offer you findings, consentient profiles are a great way to begin and can be dealt with in no time with CRM for event planners.

5. You are Receiving Tons of Constituent Complaints

CRM for event planners becomes an even more essential resource when you have complaints coming left, right, and center from your constituents about lacking services offered by your nonprofit group. The worst part about constituent dealing is that there is not one or two but hundreds of different types of supports that can come in, and dealing with all of them simultaneously can require a lot of manpower and finances.

A huge reason why such comments come pouring in is because of the lack of appropriate contact and communication between your group and your constituents. With a lack of information or the need to provide the same information multiple times, frustration is bound to occur. In such times, an event CRM can do wonders.

With a CRM for event planners, you can have a huge database comprising all the details on your audience. CRM for event management makes dealing with complaints easier. Since the database gets updated constantly, you are behind either.

6. You Need Operational CRM Help

Operational CRM for event planners is essential as it helps in various domains. Nonprofit events demand a lot of attention in various departments. Fortunately, the best CRM for event management can handle it all.

All the operations of a nonprofit event, including marketing, sales, customer satisfaction, and internal communication, are integrated into a single piece of software called an operational CRM for event planners. Consolidation and streamlining corporate operations with operational CRM for event management tools are effective ways of dealing with nonprofit events.

Using operational CRM for event management and its capacity to record, store, and distribute data makes it an excellent tool for inter-department mass communication exchange. The first time a customer interacts with your company, your operational CRM for event planners begins recording their data. It continues to do so throughout the customer’s lifetime, tracking each contact and problem.

7. You Are Spending Excessively on Event Costs

For all nonprofits, organizing events is no easy chore, financially speaking. A huge chunk of these nonprofit groups make tends to go away in operational costs such as management and admin. With the best CRM for event management, you have the ability to onboard to hire people e but spend as little as possible to train them since they will have an efficient tool on hand. CRM for event management is efficient as the team would only be responsible for dealing with one dashboard instead of manually looking at a hundred different tasks.

Another reason opting for CRM for event planners is important is that you can save costs on vendors. Without an event CRM, you will have to deal with multiple vendors and pay a certain amount of each in trade for their services.

On the other hand, you can save costs and the hassle of dealing with several vendors with an event CRM. CRM for event planners comes with tons of resources and tools rolled into one dashboard, including operational tools, analytical ones, and streamlining tasks.

Wrapping it Up

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business organization or a nonprofit group; getting the best CRM for event management is an absolute must these days. Different groups can grow in their respective industries when they decide to automate their proceedings. This automation is done with the best CRM for event management.

The above mentioned are some of the signs you need to get CRM for event planners. Moreover, if you feel like your team is overwhelmed or that your sponsors can do better service, it is time to find the best CRM for event management.

CRM for event planners can assist in uniting different departments and will help in improved communication. Furthermore, an event CRM can save you time, help you personalize your events, and save money as well.