10 Must-Have Tools to Promote your Event {2023}

Event marketing platform


Have you been stressed out because you have to arrange your debut event but have no idea how to get the word around? In that case, you need an event management tool to promote your event.

There are several steps to run a promotional campaign for your event. You need to capture leads, nurture them, convert them to attendees, create buzz around your event, set up a landing page online, promote on social media, put up tickets, and so much more. This can quickly get overwhelming.

Fortunately, technology has solutions to rescue you. An event management tool has all the necessary features to help you create an event, promote your event, track the performance of your promotional campaigns, register users, collect payments, and everything in between. Many tools often come with free versions for free events, cheap pricing plans, or commission-based pricing.

So, if you are ready to up the spark of your event with personalized and unique promotional campaigns, get started with these tools to promote your event.

1. HubSpot

Event marketing platform

🎯Key Features

β˜‘ Automated CRM database with updated customer profile, tracking customer journey, lead generation, and approaching the potential customer when they are ready for purchase
β˜‘ List segmentation of contacts and clients based on similar qualities or based on a similar action they took, such as subscribing to the newsletter, responding to event invites, etc.
β˜‘ You can create SEO-optimized web pages, landing pages, and blogs with proper CTA to lead the customers to the intended place on the site for your event
β˜‘ Automated workflows for sales email and marketing campaigns which adjust based on real-time performance analytics
β˜‘ Easy dashboards and analytics report to gauge audience’s engagement with emails

You can use some basic features for free. The price to promote your event with HubSpot starts at $49 per month, $800 for a professional plan, and $3200/month for an enterprise plan.

You can view more details about HubSpot here.

2. Constant Contact

Event marketing platform

🎯Key Feature

β˜‘ Personalize emails for the contact just by putting in the URL for their website or choosing pre-made templates
β˜‘ Contact management and growth of email list by allowing prospects to sign up for the event or contact you via email for addition to your email marketing list
β˜‘ Segmentation based on whether the prospect has opened, read, or received your email and based on their previous engagement with you
β˜‘ Create sign-up forms, pop-ups, landing pages, and more
β˜‘ Reports performance of different emails through metrics

You can get a free trial for 30 days. The basic email plan starts at $20 for 500 contacts and $45 for 501-2500 contacts. For email plus, it is $45 a month for up to 500 contacts and $70/month for 501-2500 contacts.

Visit here for more information.

3. MailChimp

Event marketing platform

🎯Key Features

β˜‘ Marketing CRM and audience dashboard with segmentation and personalization
β˜‘ Subject line assistant with campaign templates and dynamic content for email marketing
β˜‘ Send time optimization
β˜‘ Customer journeys and pre-built automation
β˜‘ Reports, analytics, and A/B testing

For the starter plan, there is no fee. A monthly fee of $11 per month will be charged for the Essential plan with 500 contacts. The standard plan goes for $17 per month with 500 contacts but more features. The premium package with the most customization is $299/month.

Get more information on their MailChimp’s website here.

4. Timely Event Calendar

Event marketing platform

🎯Key Features

β˜‘ Customizable forms and personalized branding
β˜‘ Marketing Automation
β˜‘ Social media promotion and integration
β˜‘ Email marketing
β˜‘ Event calendar management

There is no fixed rate for the Timely Event Calendar. The pricing varies depending on your needs and event registration volume. There is a free version available and a free trial as well.

Find out more about it on their website.

5. atEvent

Event marketing platform

🎯Key Features

β˜‘ Campaign management
β˜‘ Data capture and transfer
β˜‘ Sponsorship management
β˜‘ Lead generation and nurturing
β˜‘ Email marketing and guest list management

The pricing varies depending on the scale of the event. There is a free trial and a free version available.

You can learn more about atEvent on their website.

6. Social Sprout

Event marketing platform

🎯Key Features

β˜‘ Social media monitoring and engagement with a unified social inbox
β˜‘ Plan, create, manage, and publish social campaigns
β˜‘ Reporting and data analytics
β˜‘ Trends and actionable insights from social hearing for optimized marketing campaigns
β˜‘ Share curated content across different social networks

There is no free version. The standard version costs $89/month, the professional package charges $149/month, and the advanced package is priced at $249/month. Get more information at their website.

7. Buffer

Event marketing platform

🎯Key Features

β˜‘ Create unique, custom social media posting schedules for every platform
β˜‘ Schedule content marketing strategies with Buffer calendar
β˜‘ Buffer Analyze tracks the performance of social media campaigns
β˜‘ Integrate 60 different apps with Buffer for better social media marketing
β˜‘ Share your event-related content faster with the Buffer browser extension

There is a free version of Buffer for three social media channels. For more platforms, the pricing goes up to $5, $10, and $100 a month. You may get a discount for annual payments. Get all the details about Buffer here on the website.

8. SEMrush

Event marketing platform

🎯Key Features

β˜‘ Market analysis and paid advertising
β˜‘ Social media marketing and management
β˜‘ Content marketing and content marketing analytics
β˜‘ Content distribution and optimization
β˜‘ SEO, competitor analysis, and PPC keyword research

There is no free version available. The Pro plan is for $119.95/month. You can sign up for the Guru plan for $229.95, while the Business plan costs $449.95/month. Visit here for more information.

9. Top Ten Events

Event Marketing Platform
🎯Key Features

β˜‘ Event discovery engine
β˜‘ Amplifies published events to its social networks
β˜‘ List events for free
β˜‘ Partners with other event listing websites to further promote your event

Top Ten Events accepts event submissions for free. It also has a paid plan where you can list your event on 20+ event publishing sites for $25. Check it out here for more information.

10. Hootsuite

Event marketing platform

🎯Key Features

β˜‘ Social media campaign optimization
β˜‘ Social media publishing, engagement, analytics, and ad management
β˜‘ Competitor and follower analysis
β˜‘ Sentiment Analysis and Social reporting
β˜‘ Social measurement and influencer identification

Hootsuite has 4 tiers of pricing. A free trial is also available. The pricing starts at $49 per month and goes up to $739 per month. You can contact them for custom features at a custom price. Learn more about Hootsuite here.

What is your pick?

Tracking and managing all steps in promoting an event can be hectic and complicated. You can lose sight of the performance of your multiple marketing campaigns on different media channels. However, if you promote your event using an event promotion tool, all your campaigns and their results can be centralized in one location. Moreover, these tools can provide better insight with data and analytics to promote your event.

If you want an event with banging success, promote your event with one of the event marketing tools.