Program Changelog – Track Changes made to your Program Schedule

Until now, you were able to create program schedule, list speakers, check-in attendees to sessions et al. With this new update, admin would now be able to track all the changes made to the program agenda.


Changes are now logged and displayed under Program builder tool’s Program Changelog. This helps admins know what changes are made when and by whom which further helps bring accountability among the team members.

The changes that are logged include changes in sessions, speakers, session notes, time slot changes, venue changes, format and track changes.

Change logs are listed by date with the changes for that date are all displayed under a date heading. Whenever an existing session is changed, the changelog would display the old data and then display the new data that is added, along with the name of the person who made the change.

Changelog also records time stamp, up to the second, when the change was made.

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