How to Organize a Virtual Event: 10 Steps


We have all, in some way or form, attended a virtual event. So, what is a virtual event? A virtual event is an event that takes place anywhere on the internet rather than in-person. It could be anything from a live stream session, live-tweeting, a Facebook watch Party, even your latest Snapchat post counts as a virtual event. These interesting new channels for hosting events may seem like they’ve only just surfaced, but in fact, virtual events have been around since 1993.

And now that you’re faced with your first virtual event, you may not know where to start from. So, we’ve put together a list of 10 fresh ways that will help you to organize your virtual event and ensure that it’s a roaring success. Let’s get to it!


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10 Ways To Prevent Burnout When Planning an Event



We all know that many factors need to be considered when planning an event. And, we also know that trying to figure out all these, along with the most minuscule details, can easily drive almost anyone into a wall. So, before you reach that breaking point while on your pursuit of the perfect event, here are 10 different ways you can alleviate stress and prevent a burnout while planning an event.

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5 Common Problems Event Planners Face



Event planning includes many different aspects, from picking out the right venue, organizing the catering, ensuring that that everything is coordinated, right down to the most minuscule detail and many other elaborate, important tasks. However, when managing all these at the same time, there will bound to be some slip-ups here and there and we are well aware of those things. Which is why we have decided to put together a list of five of the most common issues that are faced by event planners or managers when they plan for events, so that you don’t make the same mistake too. What are we waiting for, let’s dive right in!

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5 Ways To Make Event Sign-Ups a Breeze

check-in kiosk


When it comes to sign-ups for an event, it can be quite the challenge for event planners to keep their pace up for the whole day, clipboard in hand, recruiting more event attendees for the day. By midday, you know that the spirits have dampened and not many are willing to stop for those few extra minutes, even to give you measly details such as their first name and email. But, what if, there was a much simpler way of going about getting more people to sign up for your event?

The secret here is to be able to automate your sign-up processes as much as possible. Let’s face it, since the dawn of the technological age, people have been slowly begun to embrace the convenience that has come to be associated with technology. So automating things would be the most logical step forward. But, how in the world to go about that? Here are five different methods that you can start with to help make your event sign-ups a breeze.

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5 Effective Ways To Automate Tasks When Planning an Event



Most event planners struggle with having lots of essential tasks that need to be carried out with great detail to ensure the smooth flow of their events. For example, managing the signups and registrations, organizing the guests, sorting out billing and invoices and many other common tasks that are somewhat repetitive. To make things way more efficient and save you some time, it would be better to look into parts of event planning that you can automate.

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6 Ideas Guaranteed to Keep Your Audience on the Conference Floor

Social Media


The whole idea of having a conference is to bring people together, share information and to meet new people. However, since the rise of the social media giant, not many are as keen as they were about the idea of having to get down and dirty to actually approach a real person and spark a conversation but instead, are content with communicating to others via a virtual space where information flits by at light speed.

Now, we can’t have it going in this way, so we need to come up with fresh new ideas to entice these technologically-inclined beings to step out of their virtual world and make real contact with people. These 10 ideas are guaranteed to do just that and you’ll soon have a conference floor full of happy people, chitty-chatting away.

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