Top 10 Scientific Journals to Publish Your Academic Papers



It is the norm of the scientific world to share findings with fellow members of the world of research, innovation, and discovery. And what better way to do so than to get your research outcomes published in a prestigious academic journal for scholars around the globe to read. But there is somewhat a predicament when deciding which journal to go with when publishing your article since there are numerous publications across multiple disciplines.

That’s why we’ve selected the top 10 scientific publications in the world that will give your findings maximum exposure. Let’s take a quick look at what they are.


#1 CA : A Cancer Journal for Clinicians  (Wiley-Blackwell)



“Cancer Journal for Clinicians” is one of the top journals in the academic world with an astounding impact factor of 292.2. It is the pioneer journal of the American Cancer Society and is read mostly by top clinicians, medical practitioners, and caregivers, most of whom work with cancer patients. Aside from cancer-related topics, the journal also discusses findings in nutrition, mental health, and life after surviving cancer.


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#2 New England Journal of Medicine (Massachusetts Medical Society)


The New England Journal of Medicine is a weekly publication that touches on all things medical. From the latest findings in vaccine and drug discovery to the biochemical makeup of new viral particles, the journal recaps almost every key finding in medicine. And with an impact factor of 74.6, you can be sure that your medical findings be read by the top people in the field of medicine today.


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#3 Nature Reviews Drug Discovery (Nature Publishing Group)


Nature Reviews Drug Discovery is focused on the area of drug research and development. It is a peer-reviewed pharmacology journal, published monthly. The impact factor of this journal sits at 64.7, however, the scope covered is extremely specific to drugs, therapy methods, and pharmaceutical technology.


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#4 Chemical Reviews (American Chemical Society Publications)


First published in 1924, this journal under the American Chemical Society, touches on every aspect of chemistry and its development. It is a biweekly print, with authoritative and critical findings in organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, theoretical, and biological chemistry. Aside from that, the journal also covers thematic, periodic scientific findings that lead to breakthroughs in the field of Chemistry.


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#5 The Lancet (Elsevier Publications)


The Lancet is the world’s choice independent publishing in terms of medical research. It aggregates a combination of original research findings, peer-reviews, editorials, commentaries, and news pieces, all of which serve to expand the clinical knowledge of physicians and medical staff in order to provide better general care to patients. Its impact factor is an impressive 60.4.


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#6 Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology (Nature Publishing Group)


This monthly journal by Nature Publishing Group is one of the most sought-after publications for those in the field of molecular technology. It mainly circulates reviews and commentaries as well as research highlights for the benefit of molecular and cell biologists around the world. The journal has an impact score of 55.5 and is carefully edited and reviewed by a board of Ph.D. scholars.


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#7 Journal of the American Medical Association (American Medical Association)


The Journal of the American Medical Association, or JAMA is the premier publication of the American Medical Association. The topics housed within this journal include Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology, Pediatrics, Oncology, Internal Medicine, and more. Aside from these key topics of medicine, JAMA also has research and review papers on the latest eventful occurrences in medicine, namely new viral particles, regulatory advancements, and drug discovery.


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#8 Nature Biotechnology (Nature Publishing Group)


Nature Biotechnology is a monthly journal that consolidates findings in both the scientific and business aspect of Biotechnology. Whether biological, biomedical, agricultural, or environmental sciences, Nature Biotechnology captures each discovery with utmost precision and accuracy. In addition, the journal also covers matters of commercial, political, ethical, legal, and societal aspects of the practice of Biotechnology.


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#9 Nature Genetics (Nature Publishing Group)


Nature Genetics is yet another journal under the direction of Nature Publishing Group. It is a compendium of research in genetic function, genomics, agricultural genomics, genome evolution, and more. The periodical is published monthly and is reviewed by countless Ph.D. holders in the field, all from different parts of the world, hence its impact factor of 27.6.


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#10 Nature (Nature Publishing Group)


Nature is one of the most widely read journals amongst the scholarly community as it is an interdisciplinary model that publishes only quality peer-reviewed research across scientific fields. First printed in 1869, this weekly gazette prints findings that are beneficial not only to the area of science and scientists but also the general public. Its impact factor is a decent 42.7, which is quite high considering the vastness of its scope.


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These 10 scientific journals are some of the must-reads of many within the academic circle, hence are the best options for you to publish your paper in. Not only will your research and findings be receiving the exposure it needs, but it will also be open for debate and critique of some of the finest minds in the scientific field. Who knows, you might even be called upon to be a part of an even greater scientific research mission sometime in the nearest foreseeable future?