Good Seed Community Development Corporation – A Case Study

Dryfta is a comprehensive platform that’s easy to use

Los Angeles County government divides the county into 8 Service Planning Areas (SPAs), most of which encompass more than one city. SPA6 is the service area for South Los Angeles. The SPA 6 Homeless Coalition originated in December 2012 and January 2013 meetings of homeless service providers and stakeholders from South LA and the cities of Compton and Lynwood. Its original goal was to improve the accuracy for SPA 6 for the January 2013 Semi-Annual Point In Time Homeless Count administered by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA).


Used Dryfta for: Creating Event website, Email marketing, Documents management, Event registration, Photo gallery

Here’s a quick interview with Jonathan Thompson, Director, Good Seed CDC, about his experience with using the Dryfta event platform for SPA 6 Homeless Coalition.
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Dryfta & Google Analytics let you see who’s visited your event website

You can now integrate Google analytics with your Dryfta-powered event website. Simply paste your Google Analytics ID into your Dryfta dashboard and you would be able to view website hits, number of pageviews, locations of your website visitors, in real-time, and everything else that Google analytics offers.


The more you know your visitors, the more you understand your prospective attendees, and make decisions accordingly like which prospects need more targeting and re-targeting, for which countries should you increase your ad spending for your event, and other similarly important decisions. These decisions are what is going to make your event a success.


We do not hold your funds

When using Dryfta to sell your event tickets, your funds go directly to your payment gateway account you’re using. So, all you do is sign up for a payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe and add the credentials they provided in to your Dryfta platform.


Now whenever a ticket is sold on your event website (built using Dryfta), the funds go directly to your Stripe or PayPal account. You can then withdraw funds from your PayPal/Stripe account to your bank account. The withdrawal process normally takes 2-3 days to complete and to transfer your funds to your bank account.

Dryfta is a platform to sell tickets and accept payments directly without any hold, whatsoever, on your funds.

Also, we do not charge any fees on payment transactions. You only pay for the plan you choose. That’s it. Nothing else.


The Pain Point that Dryfta Solves



A very common approach to set up an event management platform is to use a smorgasbord of tools eg. WordPress, Eventbrite, Easychair and Mailchimp, get your staff into multi-tasking mode and try to get your event off the ground.

What would it be like if you were able to use all of these features from a single platform, all fully integrated with one another, making for a seamless, unified data flow. This is exactly the pain point Dryfta event platform solves. Let’s see how Dryfta stacks up with each of these tools in terms of features and functionality.

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Cart Abandonment Notifications for Incomplete Ticket Purchase

Abandoned cart orders occur pretty frequently on a busy event website. Often, potential customers begin filling out their checkout form, only to leave and never return. Knowing about these users, why did they abandoned the cart and then targeting these abandoned cart orders can boost ticket sales.

Cart abandonment notification tool

This feature lets you send an automated email to ticket and membership buyers who have begun creating an order on your event ticketing website built using Dryfta event platform, but haven’t completed it for whatever reason.

The email will act as an enticement inviting the buyer to come back to the event website to complete their order.

As long as the customer’s email address was entered into the website (either by them logging in or registering on your event website while browsing), the Abandoned Carts Notification feature will be able to send them a message, and also notify the admin.

You can also customize the Abandoned Cart email which is sent to the buyer when he/she abandons the cart. To customize, go to Email Broadcast > Notifications and click on Abandoned Cart Notification Email to edit it.

Here’re some fabulous Abandoned Cart Email templates you can take a cue from. The more enticing and personalized your email will be, the higher would be the sales conversion.

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Why your Product never seems good enough

Level zero

Hi. This is your Chief Happiness Officer.

I’m very delighted to see 100s of users using Dryfta to manage their events 3 months after our private beta release. I take this oppurtunity to thank our founding customers especially my team for clinging to this vision of having an all-inclusive event management platform for event organizers and delivering on our promises.

Speaking of my vision, the platform still has a long way to go.As a product manager, you’re never satisfied with the work you have done and you have this forever longing for perfection and completeness in your product. To be honest, we’re still at level Zero. I can write a long list of features/tools which need to be implemented before it can be what I have envisioned.

Andrew Chen has written a nice post on this beautiful experience: Why your product will never seem like it’s good enough