Enable Authorized Check-ins to Prevent Attendees from Checking-in Remotely



As an organizer, if you wish to allow attendees to check-in to a program session only once they’re physically present at the venue, you can use the authorized check-in solution from Dryfta. The authorized check-in prevents attendees from checking-in to sessions remotely. Here’s how it works:

Step 1
Go to Program Builder and Create or Edit a session

Step 2
Go to Session options and enable authorized check-in for CE credits. Allowing this would also display a button to generate a unique code. This unique code shall be required for attendees to check-in into this session.

Set the CE credits to assign to the participants for attending this session. CE credits are applied to the attendee’s profile once they checkout from the session.


Step 3
Display the authorization code at a screen or a whiteboard or anywhere else at the session location. Attendees would enter this code to authorize & check themselves into this session through their laptop or mobile browser. This solution ensures they can check-in only after they arrive at the session venue.

Since they can check-in from their own devices, it is especially helpful in a situation where it requires people to maintain physical distancing as in the case of the current pandemic. Here’s a quick video tutorial: