Streamline Your Event Planning with Event Schedule Builder


We are committed to making event management more efficient and seamless for organizers and attendees alike. Our latest updates to the Event Schedule Builder are designed to simplify the process of managing and exporting event schedules, ensuring that everyone stays informed and organized. These new features allow for bulk downloading of session calendars and easy export of personalized schedules to popular calendar platforms.

Overview of the Updates

Bulk Download of Session Calendars: In the “My Schedule” section, we’ve added a new button that allows users to bulk download all session calendars in iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook formats. This feature consolidates all sessions into a single file, making it convenient for attendees to keep track of the entire event schedule. Additionally, there is an option to auto-refresh the calendar every hour, ensuring that any changes or updates to the schedule are automatically reflected.

Export Personal Sessions: We’ve introduced an “Export (My sessions)” button that lets attendees export their favorite sessions directly to their personal calendars, including Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Outlook. Attendees can easily navigate to the Program Schedule, hover over the calendar icon, and click on the “Export (My sessions)” button to export their saved sessions. This feature ensures that attendees can effortlessly integrate their preferred sessions into their personal schedules, enhancing their event experience.

Benefits of the New Event Schedule Builder Updates

Convenient Scheduling: The bulk download feature allows attendees to easily access the entire event schedule in their preferred calendar format, saving time and reducing the hassle of manually adding sessions.

Real-Time Updates: With the auto-refresh option, attendees can rest assured that their calendar is always up-to-date with the latest schedule changes, improving their ability to plan and attend sessions.

Personalized Experience: The “Export (My sessions)” button enables attendees to seamlessly add their favorite sessions to their personal calendars, ensuring they don’t miss out on the sessions that matter most to them.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: By supporting multiple calendar platforms, including Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Outlook, we ensure that all attendees can integrate the event schedule into their preferred digital ecosystem.

These enhancements to our Event Schedule Builder reflect our ongoing dedication to providing robust and user-friendly tools that improve the event management process. We are excited to see how you leverage these new features to create more organized and successful events with Dryfta.