10 Fresh Ideas to Keep Attendees Glued to your Virtual Event


With everything going on right now, it seems like the whole event industry has turned to virtual events as the primary means of event delivery. And with the rise of virtual events and meetups, it is getting a little bit tricky to keep your online participants’ attention. But don’t fret. We have just the ideas for you to keep your online guests as engaged as ever. Read on to see what they are.


#1 Online polls and opinion sharing

Organizing live online polls during a virtual session lets your guests feel more a part of your virtual event. Asking for their opinion shows that you’re genuinely designing an event for them. It also gives you some great insights into how your audience is thinking on a specific topic.
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Introducing Rooms: One place for group chat and video calls


As part of its virtual event platform offering, Dryfta provides live interaction tools including live chats, polls and Q&A for attendees to communicate with each other at a virtual or an in-person event. For building a more engaging and thriving community, Dryfta also provides an online community platform so as to keep the participants engaged year-round and not just for the duration of the event.

To further improve the communication among event participants, we are introducing Rooms.

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10 Best Folding Bikes to Ride within City



Given the city’s daily hustle and bustle, it is no wonder that most people are opting to cycle to places within reach these days. And what with the presence of folding bikes in the market. But even among such handy and compact modes of transport, there are a variety of types. Each of these suits a single terrain type, which is why you should be doing your research before going out and buying one.

But, before we go into details of the various foldable bikes out there and which would make the best for a city-terrain ride, let’s take a look at the benefits of using these flexible bikes.


Benefits of a folding bike?

Well, the first and most obvious perk of having this foldable two-wheeler is that you can easily avoid all the fuss of being stuck in traffic. Just whizz past all the hustle and bustle and get to work on time, every day of your life. Plus, there are special lanes for cyclists in developed countries, waiting for you to take advantage of them.

The fact that these little bikes can be folded and stored away is another factor that makes them perfect for city-dwellers. Imagine a smooth travel path on your bicycle all the way to work or to the nearest subway station. Doesn’t that sound heavenly in comparison to spending hours in gridlock, surrounded by smog?

In this article, we’ve gathered all of the best biking options for those living in the concrete jungle. The rankings here consider the features, size, affordability, user experience, and overall, a good fit for life in the metropolis.


Brompton S2L Superlight


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How an Abstract Management System makes it Easier to Submit Abstracts?


What is an abstract management system? A quick intro

As the word suggests, an abstract is a summary of a larger document, mostly used in academic content (such as a research paper). When several authors prepare their abstracts and submit it to a conference through an online channel, it is referred to as abstract submission. This whole process of abstract submission and management is where an abstract management system comes into play.

Abstracts management, i.e., the process of receiving, accepting, preparing, and reviewing abstracts, can be made easy & efficient via an abstract management software.

Instead of conventional manual work, an abstract management system assists in end-to-end management of abstracts, including setting content requirements and deadlines, forming a team, and determining the engagement of each person involved, collecting and reviewing abstracts, and forming a final document. It enables all team members involved to stay organized and on the same page, which is the key to higher efficiency hence an optimal use of resources. This allows all employees to stay on top of the work, from managers who are supposed to get the work done to employees responsible for doing the work.


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Top 10 Online Community Software for Events



If you’re an event organizer and want your participants to keep flocking back to your events & conferences every year, you need to keep them engaged year-round and not just for the event.

Start by giving them an online community platform to create engagements that inspire action. Keep them involved and connected. The more they’re invested in building, growing, and engaging with your online community, the higher is the chance they’ll join your in-person event.

We researched the best online community software based on their features list, user interface & user experience, and pricing.



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5 Ways to Implement Automation for Your Next Event



If your organization often hosts events, you know that it can be hard getting your offering to break the surface and effectively resonate with your audience. However, new technology and online solutions make it easier than ever to automate many processes and maximize success even when the event is over.

Your event should reflect your organization’s main goal and aim to connect to potential guests in a personal way— and automation tools can help. Associations and other organizations should invest in solutions to automate communications and simplify internal processes. Otherwise, you’re wasting valuable time that could be spent on your actual event.

Fonteva, is committed to helping associations increase the value of their membership and translate value to their members through events. Even if you don’t work for an association, these best practices and tips can come in handy as you start thinking about your next event strategy. 

Whether you’re just now implementing automation tools or want to improve your existing automation strategy, it’s important to consider the event management software and tools that your organization already uses. In this guide, we’ll cover how to best leverage automation for your event and do the following:

  1. Personalize marketing content
  2. Streamline the registration process
  3. Update guests on important event information
  4. Use data to make real-time insights
  5. Engage with guests after the event

When you utilize automation tools for your event, you spend less time creating and sending marketing content and more time engaging your guests and offering genuinely valuable experiences. Ready to learn more? Let’s begin.
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