White Label Event Platform



White Label Event Management Software

The White Label Event Platform from Dryfta offers event agencies a fully-customizable, state-of-the-art event management software with no Dryfta branding. Here’re some examples of the brand elements you can customize to make it your own:

Custom domain
Instead of using Dryfta.com in the event website URLs, use your own custom domain or a domain supplied by your client. All custom domains come with SSL Certificates.

Fonts, images and colors
Event ticketing, abstract submission forms, and the website homepage can be customized with your brand colors, logos and images.

Custom CSS
Need to make more design changes beyond fonts, images and colors. You have access to the CSS Manager to fully customize your event website the way you like.

Custom From email address
To reinforce your branding further, use your own email address to send all the emails and notifications originating from your Dryfta-powered event platform. This also increases email deliverability and prevents emails from landing in spam folders.

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Why use a white-label platform?

White-labeling is a great option if you want to offer a solution without investing in the development and apply it to your existing business model without significant changes. With a white-labeled product, you don’t need to invest in designing and developing an event platform as it requires expertise and large amounts of time and money. Instead, you can modify and customize an existing platform that has already been built to suit specific needs. It takes less time to get up and running with no risk involved.

No technical expertise required

A white-label event platform can save you a lot of time and hassle. Even if you have the team and skills to build an event platform, but don’t want to spend the time building it from the ground up, having a white-label event platform that can be customized to meet your needs with little or no technical ability on your part is a great advantage.

Saves time and money

Using a white-label platform eliminates the need to spend money and time on research, development, engineering, testing, and so on. The only cost you have is the licensing fee.

It may be tempting to go with an in-house solution. However, making this decision can sometimes come with consequences, such as derailing internal business processes and exceeding budgets. In order to avoid these potential issues, it’s important to consider the time and cost of in-house solutions. If you don’t have either of these resources readily available, white-labeling might be a viable option for your organization.

Happy customers

Companies are able to offer more products by investing in white-labeling which can increase the appeal of their services. Rather than spend all that time building their own event platform, white-labeling allows the company to deploy the platform, acquire new customers, and create a strong relationship with them by offering their branded product.