Dryfta Launches its Free Event Platform

free event platform


All-in-one event management platform

Dryfta all-in-one event management platform is a true ecosystem of event technology created and managed by Dryfta and sold at transparent and low prices. From tools for badges and check-in to mobile event apps, registration, abstract submissions, websites, virtual meetings, event scheduling, gamification, and more.

The platform was launched to offer an alternative to “cash-strapped nonprofits” who needed a solution for hosting their events. It already offers a multitude of features that make it easy to organize successful events. Dryfta now introduces the free event platform, making it even easier to host events on your own. 

The event industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, with the average event costing $2,500. At Dryfta, we hope to shake things up by offering a free tier for our event platform where organizers can manage their events, attendees can register, make payment and join virtual events, and speakers can submit abstracts for sessions they wish to present.

What features of our event platform are free?

Our team has been working for months to develop a way for weary event planners and academicians to create events without the stress and expenses of third-party software and pricey developers. The free tier allows up to 100 abstract submissions and attendee registrations. There are no service charges for paid attendee registrations for up to 100 attendees.

How to sign up for the free event platform?

To sign up for a free tier, you must create a trial account first. The trial account remains available for 14 days, so you have enough time to play around with it and decide if Dryfta suits your needs. If and when you are ready to proceed, send an email to our support desk. Once we receive your request, we will add free credits for up to 100 free abstract submissions and attendee registrations.

What are some industry benefits of using Dryfta’s event platform?

Dryfta is the first event platform that is not trying to make money from event organizers. Its mission is to help everyone who hosts events, from nonprofits to community groups to universities. Dryfta’s event platform accelerates the planning process by giving event planners access to all of their content and attendee information in one place. This centralized approach in the Dryfta platform greatly reduces the need to manage multiple platforms while improving the experience for attendees. The platform includes everything from ticketing to sponsor management, abstract submissions and peer review system, event scheduling, email notifications, and virtual meetings.