10 Ways to Increase your Event Appeal with Drones



Drones are the latest craze in the technology industry and there is no denying that everyone out there secretly wants to have a drone to secure the status symbols associated with drones. But, how do drones come into play when we’re in the event business?

As we already know, drones are a fairly versatile product of technology and with the latest ranges equipped with state-of-the art features, drones may just be the future of event management and planning. Here are just 10 of our favorite uses for drones in the events industry.

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Live-Tweeting Tips & Etiquette at Academic Conferences



With the spread of social media networking, which is often equated to the speed of wildfire, almost no one is a stranger to the terms Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. However, being a person of reputable academic background, there are times when you would wonder if it would be okay to incorporate the social media element into the academic life.

Of late, academic seminars and event aren’t as “boring” as they were back in the day, with more animated and interesting presentations of academic findings and research papers, some of which are quite noteworthy and shareable with friends via social media. This is one of the main reasons why the question of suitability of social media use in academic settings was put forward, to start with.

To help with this conundrum, that almost all new researchers face, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide of etiquette and best practices for live-tweeting at academic events:
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