Have you reached Product Market Fit? Growth Hack with these tips

Growth Hacking

Product Market Fit means having the perfect product to satisfy your target audience. In essence, PMF is the ability of a product to meet the needs and expectations of a target audience. To achieve Product Market Fit, it is expedient that you are providing a reliable solution to a significant problem facing a large group of people. Certain signs can help you determine if you have attained a Product Market Fit or not :

★ If your clients are advising you to include one feature or the other, it means you have attained Product Market Fit because it shows they are interested in the product and are seeking new ways to get the best from your product.
★ Once your Beta Users begin to tip you as the next industry leader, it means you have the potential to change their world, meaning you have attained a Product Market Fit.
★ If you have your clients and prospective client clamoring for the translation of your product or platform into their languages, PMF has been accomplished.
★ Having ten paid and loyal customers is an excellent way to determine that you have attained PMF.
★ Another way to determine if you have reached PMF is if clients start writing blog posts and leaving reviews on software review platforms about your product or platform.
★ When you notice that some of the loyal customers of competing brands are taking an interest in your product, you just attained PMF.

It is imperative you look out for these signs before you venture into growth hacking. It would be wrong to try growth hacking a product that has not achieved Product Market Fit as if you do not meet your customers or potential customer’s expectations; growth hacking cannot be successful.

In simple terms, growth hacking is the use of cost-effective tactics to grow your business, sell your ideas, gain exposure and keep your clients coming back for more. Having understood what Product Market Fit and growth hacking is all about, the following are some growth hacking tips you can adapt to grow your business:

Have an Active Twitter Handle
As a business in digital world, you should have a dedicated Twitter handle for your business. With it, you can tweet about recent findings, ideas, new updates etc. More so, it can be used as a medium to communicate with your customers and potential client who are active Twitter users. This way, you become an authority, promote other platforms’ products as well as your own. This is a sure-fire way to advertise your products via a robust social media platform.

Don’t Ignore the Use of Quora
Quora is a platform that aims to provide answers to questions from different fields. It is more like a search engine; however, it allows for one to one interaction between professionals and non-professionals. Get used to answering questions on Quora to enlighten prospective clients on things related to your product or industry. It is a swift and reliable means to build authority and gain credibility.

Content Marketing
Almost everyone goes on the internet to find out about a product before purchasing it. You should not be left out of this huge opportunity. Meanwhile, you should capitalize on it by providing information about your product or platform through the use of blogs. This way, you would get to know your actual customers as you give them the opportunity to relate with you, ask questions and give ideas through the comment sections.

Other Blogs and Websites
Aside from creating content on your blog, you can visit other blogs relating to your industry and leave concrete information for your clients to look out for. Also, you can add the links of these blogs on your blog as backlinks. This way, you get to build credibility and also rank higher on search engines.

Update your Clients
Create a system notifications page for alerting clients on upcoming updates through push notifications or email marketing. This way, clients will always know what to expect. Informing clients of past and upcoming updates keeps them aware of what’s happening on your platform.

Launch Side Projects
This is a great marketing strategy. Projects requiring the clients’ active participation would lead them to your primary platform. This strategy increases the visibility and accessibility of your platform. You can launch events, conferences, etc. for your clients and prospective clients to attend. This is a good source of brand awareness.

Start a Translation Program
You can make use of the Transifex platform to create translation programs for your product or platform. Your customers that are not of the same language as you would love this. More so, it gives room for other people to make use of your platform since you are solving the language barrier.

Optimize Conversion
You can incorporate the use of tools like Full Story or Lucky Orange to monitor how your platform is doing. Tools like this allows you to know how your product is being used by your customers. More so, you can analyze the behavior of your user while using the platform. This would help you determine what is working and what is not. You can make use of Lucky Orange as it is cheap but very slow. However, I would recommend the use of Full Story which is quite expensive but very fast.

Utilize the Chrome Web Store
You should give your platform all the exposure you can afford and one way of doing that is by publishing your app on the Chrome Web Store. Why I recommend this store is because it is very cheap and straight forward. For as low as 5 USD, you can get your application the exposure it needs

Implement Feature Requests
Remember one of the signs of Product Market Fit is that your customers would be making feature requests. You can growth hack by implementing some of these requests if it is in line with your overall goal. It shows you listen to your customers and trust me, it would give room for other customers. When you make an update, you can inform the customers that asked for the features personally.