Cukurova University Linguistics Conference – A Case Study

The Ideal System for Managing Your Events

Annual LIF conferences have already become an academic platform for exchanging exciting ideas, projects and scientific research results between aspiring academics, teachers, and well-known researchers. In harmony with this spirit of academic enthusiasm, LIF2017 Conference aims at providing a forum for participants from various disciplines and research communities to advance interconnections between Applied Linguistics and ELT and explore different perspectives on the application of research findings into practice.


Used Dryfta for: Selling tickets online using Dryfta payment gateway, Creating Event website, Email marketing, Abstract management, Peer review, Documents management, Speakers & Attendees lists, Photo Gallery, Videos

Here’s a quick interview with Fatih Bozdağ, EFL Instructor, Cukurova University, about his experience with using the Dryfta event platform for Language in Focus 2017.

What do you like best?

Best thing with the system is user support. They are really quick and helpful. Furthermore, They are open to new ideas and suggestions all the time. Along with friendly support, you can ask for new features and that is the best! You will tell you exactly when these feature are due to, and you are informed when these feature are ready to use. Great!

What do you dislike?

There should a WYSWYG editor for editing themes like wordpress has. There should be more options to “webpage builder” sections. At first it took a little time to learn how to add and edit pages or managing the theme. A simpler and effective editor is needed.

Update: There is now a WordPress like WYSIWYG editor to add content pages.

What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

We are using Dryfta for managing our conference. It is really easy to collect abstracts and generate an abstract book the way we would like to have it. Additionally, it is good to have other features like generating badges with custom themes, creating conference certificates etc. These features are really handy. It used to take so much time to prepare them all by ourselves, yet with the tools within Dryfta it is quick and easy.