The Event Platform for Programming Conferences

If you’re hosting a programming conference, Dryfta is your best bet. Period.


For most event organizers, it is a very common approach to set up an event management platform using a smorgasbord of tools viz. WordPress, Eventbrite, OpenCFP and Mailchimp. But what would it be like if you could have used these tools from a single platform, all fully integrated with one another, making for a seamless data flow among each other. This is exactly the pain point Dryfta event platform solves.

Now, how Dryfta stacks up with these tools? Let’s take it one at a time.

WordPress or Dryfta? – Dryfta has an extensive Website builder tool which lets you choose from a preset theme for your event website, customize your theme with your own CSS and HTML, add content pages just like you do in WordPress, upload photos and add categories, add and manage documents, add Youtube videos, create custom widgets with custom forms etc. Here’s an example of an event website built using Dryfta.

Eventbrite or Dryfta? – Dryfta has a no-nonsense ticketing platform. You can sell tickets and event memberships and use your own payment gateway like PayPal and Stripe to accept online payments. Here’s an example of tickets page.

Also, we do not hold funds. You withdraw funds directly from your PayPal or Stripe account which normally takes 3-5 days to arrive in your bank account. Nor we charge any fee on the tickets you sell. You only for the plan you have chosen.

OpenCFP or Dryfta? – We primarily built Dryfta for academia and therefore it was imperative that our abstract submission and peer review system was top notch. You can accept abstract submissions, add custom fields to the form, set up abstract submission start and end dates, enable/disable double blind review, accept payments for accepted abstracts, display custom fields for co-authors and so many other settings. It has dashboards for both, author and reviewers, to submit and manage abstracts and reviews respectively. You can also customize and publish abstract book in PDF format. Here’s an example of an abstract submission website.

Mailchimp or Dryfta? – The Email Broadcast tool in Dryfta lets you send email campaigns using preset email templates or your own customized email, send targeted email to a particular group of contacts, build mailing list and subscvription forms for each list, see campaign reports for people who opened and those who clicked and those who unsubscribed, export them into CSV format. We use Amazon SES to send our emails and therefore deliverability rate is almost 99.5 percent.

Dryfta has a full-featured event app for Android. We are, however, yet to launch the iPhone app (We do not have a deadline on when we plan to release the iPhone app). To make up for that, we have made sure our event websites are mobile-compatible and look as nice in the browser as the look and feel of the iPhone app.

As for the cost savings, we’re proud to say that we’re the most affordable, all-inclusive event platform out there. To know why we have priced Dryfta so low, read this post.

To use Dryfta, the only thing you pay for is the plan you choose. Dryfta is free for up to 60 contacts. Beyond that, you can choose a monthly plan or a yearly plan. The monthly plan costs $129 per month. If paid annually, you save 10 percent. That’s it! That’s all you pay to use Dryfta month after month, year after year. It couldnt get any simpler than this! 🙂

Recap of the pain point Dryfta solves: You have to only use Dryfta to set up all those features for which you would need to use Eventbrite, WordPress, Easychair and Mailchimp altogether! Dryfta is the true all-inclusive event management platform, at your disposal, with very affordable plans.


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