21 Gift Ideas for Virtual Events – the 2023 list



Virtual events are becoming more and more prominent in today’s society. Not only are people more engaged and interested in them, but the opportunities they offer are numerous. Event Organizers planning virtual events are always looking for ideas to keep the attendees engaged. They employ various interactive tools like private messaging, live streaming, and state-of-the-art virtual event platforms.

What makes a virtual event a high-quality experience?

For starters, an excellent virtual event should provide attendees with many levels of excitement. Start by creating a contest for attendees at your particular event to engage with your guests and yourself. You can create themes for each level and encourage people to take photos within various locations at the event. Give prizes to those who submitted the most creative, funny, or beautiful photos. This helps build up anticipation and energy throughout your entire event.

And if you feel like your last event turned out successful that means it went off without a hitch. However, don’t underestimate the power of simple gestures: gifts can remind people and they’ll appreciate them more than you know. They also establish a bond between attendees and the organizers. The more unique and thoughtful the gifts are, the more joyful and engaged attendees become.

When looking for gift ideas for a virtual event, it can be hard to think outside the box. Some people want something practical, others want something sentimental, and some people want something fun. As long as you are able to get your giftee interested in your idea, they will enjoy it!

Perceived Value

A perceived value is a more reliable measure of effectiveness than the actual amount of money one spends. With virtual events, it’s important to give participants something that they’ll remember and appreciate more than they expected.

In this article, we’re going to share with you a list of great gift ideas that are perfect for any type of virtual event – whether it’s a launch party, a conference, or something else. With multiple categories like headphones, retro memorabilia, and upscale fashion, there’s something for every person.


iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

so your attendees need not worry about the cleaning and can happily enjoy the virtual event!


Starts from $174

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Samsung Wireless Charger

so their phone is fully-charged for accessing the virtual event if the PC goes down!


Starts from $53

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Jabra Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

so they can do the dishes while still listening to the virtual event!

jabra wireless

Starts from $63

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Tile Bluetooth Item Trackers

so they have to spend less time and brain retrieving their important items!

tile item trackers

Starts from $99.99 for 4 pcs

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Blue Yeti USB Microphone

so your speakers can record and stream their presentations with excellent voice quality!

blue yeti microphone

Starts from $100

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UBeesize Video Light

so your speakers look their best when presenting online!

ubeesize ring light

Starts from $35.99

Buy @ Amazon.com


NexiGo Livestream Webcam with Privacy Cover

so your speakers & attendees have an HD video quality when presenting/attending online and can also control their privacy with the camera shutter!

nexigo streamcam with privacy cover

Starts from $59.99

Buy @ Amazon.com


Netgear WiFi Range Extender

so they can connect to the virtual event from anywhere in the house!

netgear wifi range extender

Starts from $54.84

Buy @ Amazon.com


Digital Notepad

so attendees can jot down the notes easily during a virtual session!

digital notepad

Starts from $18.99

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Google One Cloud Storage Subscription

so they could store their downloaded contents e.g., session recordings and slides, from the virtual event!

Google one

Starts from $1.99 for 100GB storage

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Universal Yums Snack Box Subscription

because good food makes everyone happy!

universal yum snack box

Starts from $15 per box

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Amazon.com Gift Card in a Reindeer Ornament Box

so they can buy anything that they so desire!

amazon gift cards

Starts from $25

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Virtual Gym Membership

with no physical activity whatsoever, a virtual gym membership will be an apt gift to keep the body and mind fit!

virtual gym membership

Starts from $19 per month

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Godiva Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

chocolates improve the cognitive function of your brain. There’s nothing else you need to keep your attendees sharp and active!

godiva chocolate box

Starts from $89.99

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StitchFix Gift Card (clothing subscription)

let them have the best dresses, so they look pretty and smooth when attending the event!

stitchfix clothing subscription

Starts from $20

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Swag Boxes

give them a box full of swag that they’ll love!

swag box

Starts from $25

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Spotify Music Subscription Gift Card

music provides a total brain workout and is a sure-shot way to keep your attendees happy and churn out some great sessions!

spotify premium

Starts from $30 per month

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Netflix Video Subscription Gift Card

give them a reason to think of you whenever they watch a TV series!

netflix subscription

Pricing: Starts from $25

Buy @ Amazon.com


Outschool Private Virtual Lessons Gift Card

let their kids take the online classes so they can attend the event!

outschool gift card

Starts from $50; Option to choose your amount

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24Symbols eBook Subscription

the more they read, the more knowledge they acquire and later share with the world!

24symbols ebooks subscription

Starts from $8.99 per month

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Coursera Online Courses Subscription

so they never stop learning!

coursera subscription

Starts from $59 per month

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In conclusion, virtual events are a great way to create lasting memories with your loved ones. They’re also an excellent way to save money because they can be so much more fun than traditional events. There are many fun ideas for gifts that you could give to your guests, coworkers, or family members that would be perfect for virtual events.