Create your Personal Calendar & Schedule Meetings

Personal Calendar

The new offering from Dryfta includes a Personal Calendar and a Meeting Scheduler. The Personal Calendar lets each user create their own availability slots and be able to share the link to their Meeting Scheduler so anyone can go to this link and schedule a meeting with the user.

Availability Slots – Option for user to create their availability slots for meetings by adding their time slots.

availability slots


Scheduling Meetings – Prospects can book time slots from the user’s public profile. Users’ availability is displayed as per the prospect’s time zone. Up to 10 guests can be added in a single scheduled meeting.

To enable rate-limiting, a user cannot request more than 3 meetings within 24 hrs. Also, one can schedule only one meeting at a time. To schedule next meeting, one has to either wait until the previously scheduled meeting is completed or cancel the current meeting and schedule a new one.



Virtual meetings – One can also schedule 1-to-1 video/audio meetings. There is an option for users to enter their Personal Meeting URL if they wish to use Zoom or any other video-conferencing platform instead of the default virtual meeting platform offered by Dryfta. This would then replace the default link link in both email and calendar with the link user has entered as their personal meeting URL.

Booked meetings and all past meetings are displayed under My Meetings tab with an Add to Calendar button to add the accepted meeting/s to gCal and iCal.


booked meetings