Display Hotels near your Event Venue

Organizing an event is one aspect. Making sure your attendees are well accommodated is a whole lot different ball game. You need to block rooms in advance at multiple hotels, diligently manage the rooms blocked for attendees so there is enough availability while also making sure you havent blocked rooms more than what is required. All of this results in a lot of wasted resources, time and money.

Instead, wouldnt it be better if you could just display the nearest hotels to stay from your event venue, on your event website, and let your attendees book their rooms based on their requirements and budget? This saves you time, money and staff resources as you do not have to block rooms in advance.


Using the Stay22 widget for Dryfta, you can display places to stay near your event venue. All you need to do is enable the widget from your Dryfta dashboard. There’re multiple filters for attendees to find rooms within their budget, based on distance from the venue, by check-in and check-out dates and with additional requirements.

Let us know what you think of this upgrade and if this was something you were looking for.


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