Update Multiple Abstracts’ Statuses at once

Updating abstract’s status by going to each abstract? Isnt that too cumbersome to do it for each abstract out of hundreds of abstract submissions you might have? Let’s make it easy for you.


Introducing Bulk Status Update for Abstracts. Simply select the abstracts you want to update the status for, click on Bulk Edit, choose a status and then click on Save. As simple as that!

On bulk status update, the authors and reviewers receive the abstract status change notification in their inbox. Admin has the option to disable sending abstract status change notification to reviewers.


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Abstract Book Builder for Conferences

Abstracts submitted? Check. Abstracts Reviewed? Check. Authors notified? Check. What’s next? Welcoming the attendees at the conference, engaging them with programs and workshops, and presenting the Abstract Book, among various other things.

But it takes a lot of time and resources to design and build your abstract book, which could otherwise be used for more meaningful purposes! So how can you build an abstract book easily and beautifully without wasting much of your precious time?

Presenting the Abstract Book Builder.


Using Abstract Book Builder, it takes less than 5 minutes to design and publish your abstract book. Design your abstract book, add front and back covers, add a custom background image, add custom contents viz. chairman’s message, list of reviewers etcetra, choose abstracts (accepted, rejected or all) to publish and finally generate the abstract book in downloadable PDF format.

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