Introducing Review Submission for Track Chairs

Streamlining the Review Process

The abstract review process is critical in selecting the most relevant and high-quality submissions in academic conferences and events. However, it can be challenging for conference administrators who act as reviewers to navigate the process efficiently. Recognizing this need, Dryfta, the leading event management platform, has introduced a new feature that allows admins to submit reviews on abstracts directly from the backend. In this blog post, we will explore how this feature simplifies the workflow for admin reviewers and enhances the overall abstract review process.

Introducing the “Submit Review as Self” Button

Dryfta’s latest update brings the convenience of the “Submit Review as Self” button, in the backend abstract’s detail view under the Reviews tab. This addition streamlines the process for logged-in admin reviewers, eliminating the need to switch between different interfaces or roles to submit their reviews. With this feature, admins can seamlessly access the review submission form from the backend, enhancing their efficiency and saving valuable time.

Streamlined Workflow with Multi-Stages

For conferences that utilize a multi-stage abstract review process, Dryfta’s new feature caters to their specific needs. When multi-stages are enabled, the “Submit Review” button will display under each stage’s tab in the abstract’s detail view. This means admins can easily navigate between different review stages and submit their reviews for each stage accordingly. The intuitive design of this feature ensures a smooth workflow, regardless of the complexity of the review process.

Submit review as self

Seamless Abstract Assignment

When an admin clicks the “Submit Review” button, Dryfta’s system automatically assigns the abstract to that particular admin. This functionality ensures that the review process remains organized and transparent. By streamlining the assignment process, admin reviewers can focus solely on evaluating the abstracts and providing valuable feedback without worrying about coordination or communication hurdles.

Efficient Review Submission

After the system assigns the abstract to the admin reviewer, the “Submit Review” button opens the review form in a new tab. This approach allows admins to easily switch between the abstract details and the review form, enabling them to provide comprehensive feedback without any distractions. Separating the abstract view and the review form enhances the user experience, making the process more intuitive and efficient.

Enhanced Access Control

Dryfta’s new feature also offers enhanced access control capabilities. Super admin can customize the permissions to limit admin’s access to abstracts based on specific criteria, such as topic, track, or type. This ensures that each admin can view and edit abstracts relevant to their expertise, providing a focused and efficient review process. With access control, conference organizers can tailor the system to suit their unique requirements and optimize the workflow.

By simplifying the review process and enabling admins to submit their reviews directly from the backend, Dryfta enhances the efficiency, transparency, and user experience of abstract review processes. With additional features like multi-stage support and access control, the platform empowers conference organizers to tailor the system to their needs.