Make Event Scheduling Easy with Abstracts to Sessions Converter

Introducing the Abstracts to Sessions Converter: Enhance Your Event Schedule Building Process


Easily Convert Abstracts and Panels into Engaging Sessions

We are excited to announce a powerful new tool in our event schedule builder: the Abstracts to Sessions Converter. This feature simplifies the process of transforming abstracts and panels into sessions, allowing you to create a dynamic and engaging event schedule effortlessly.

Effortless Conversion Process

With the Abstracts to Sessions Converter, converting abstracts and panels into sessions has never been easier. The panel intro is automatically converted into a session, while the abstracts within the panel are transformed into sub-sessions within their respective sessions. This streamlines the organization of your event schedule, ensuring a cohesive flow of information and maximizing attendee engagement.

Preview before finalizing your event schedule

To ensure complete control and accuracy, the Abstracts to Sessions Converter provides a preview of the sessions and sub-sessions that will be created before making any changes. Administrators will be presented with a clear list of sessions, along with their respective sub-sessions, that are set to be converted. This allows you to review and verify the conversion before proceeding.

Convert abstracts to sessions

Once you are satisfied with the preview, a simple click on the “Convert to Session” button is all it takes to transform your abstracts and panels into interactive sessions.

Effortless Event Schedule Creation

Upon converting the abstracts and panels into sessions, the Abstracts to Sessions Converter takes your event organization to the next level. With the converted sessions in place, you can easily set the date and time slots using our intuitive drag and drop schedule builder. Alternatively, you can utilize the CSV Import tool for a streamlined import process. With these options at your disposal, creating an engaging and interactive event schedule has never been easier.

Your Interactive Event Schedule, Ready to Go Live!

With the Abstracts to Sessions Converter, you have the power to transform your abstracts and panels into dynamic sessions seamlessly. Set the date and time slot for each session, and your interactive event schedule is ready to go live! Say goodbye to manual scheduling and enjoy the efficiency and convenience of our powerful event schedule builder.

Upgrade your event planning experience today with the Abstracts to Sessions Converter and unlock the full potential of your event schedule. Start organizing your sessions effortlessly and make your next event an unforgettable success!