How to See the Visits on your Event Website using Google Analytics?



Dryfta Event Management Software comes integrated with Google Analytics to record and measure the visits and clicks made to your event websites. If you are using Dryfta to build and manage your event website, you are able to see the visitors coming to your event website, both in real-time and historically. Here’re the steps:


☑ Step 1: Get a Google Analytics tracking ID

Log in to your Google Analytics dashboard (Sign up for an Analytics account if you do not already have one).
Find your Analytics tracking ID.



☑ Step 2: Add Analytics tracking

Log in to your Dryfta dashboard
Go to Settings and click on General Settings tab
Under Google Analytics code, enter a valid tracking ID. It should look like: UA-XXXXXX-X.
Click Save.


It can take up to 24 hours for your website’s visits to show up in your Google Analytics dashboard.


☑ Step 3: See your website visits

Open Google Analytics.
View visits recorded on your event website under Audience > Overview.
To see real-time users on your event website, go to Real-time > Overview.