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Do you know? 86% of consumers looking for local events use Google search online with event listing sites delivering the results. Therefore, it is strongly advised that one should publish their events on event directories for gaining more visibility for their event. But there are so many event websites, each with their own system for getting events listed. And if you want to make sure your event shows up on all of them, you have to submit it individually to each site.

This is time consuming, and it can be frustrating! You’ve got a ton of things to do as an event planner or organizer, so why waste time submitting your information over and over again?

Have you ever wondered, “How can I get my event to spread over the web?”

If you’re not submitting your event to 100+ event listing sites, how do you know you’re reaching enough people? The answer is EventBoost. EventBoost aggregates events and submits them to all of the important event listing websites at once. The websites include event posting sites such as event discovery portals, social media networks that feature local businesses and local community organizations’ websites.

With EventBoost Event Promotion Platform, all that work is done for you! Your submission goes into the database and gets posted automatically onto 100+ popular event listing websites out there: Eventbrite, EventsTopTen, UpcomingEvents, Facebook Events, LinkedIn Events . . . The list goes on!

Do you really have time to submit your event to so many places?

You may be thinking, “I don’t have time to submit my event to so many places! The event is going to come and go in a few weeks; why do I need to publish it now?” If you are coming from this mindset, then we understand your feelings. Time is precious and you want to spend yours on tasks that bring more value than simply submitting an event.

However, if you think about it differently and look at the bigger picture of what promoting your events online can do for your business or organization – it might change your perspective. Promoting events on different websites not only makes them visible across different audiences, but also helps build credibility among followers who have subscribed via email or social media platforms like Facebook, where they may not be aware of all events happening within their network yet!

If you’re not submitting your event to multiple event listing sites, you’re not reaching enough people

It’s important to know the number of sites that are out there, and how many people visit them. The more sites you submit to, the more people you reach. It also means that your event is more likely to be featured on multiple sites as well. Each site has its own audience and audience interests, so by submitting to multiple platforms, you can reach a wider audience than if you only focused on one platform.

By submitting once and publishing on 100+ event listing websites, your event will be displayed in front of thousands of potential attendees in one simple step!

What is EventBoost?

With EventBoost, you can submit your event to 100+ event listing sites in just a few minutes. The best part? You don’t have to submit your event to multiple sites and social media networks!

EventBoost allows you to save time and money by not having to submit your event to 100s of event listing sites. Moreover, EventBoost promotes events for a fraction of what other services charge. The calendar also offers publishing to 1 listing site for free so that users can test the service before deciding whether or not they want to publish to the rest of the event listing sites.

EventBoost is an Event Promotion Platform

EventBoost lets you submit your event once and publishes them to all of the important online event calendars at once. We submit your events to 100+ event listing websites (and getting added to more) including:

  • WeeklyAffair.Us
  • Facebook & LinkedIn Events pages, local business calendars, schools and universities calendars, community organization calendars, etc.

Increase your event exposure and save time doing it!

EventBoost allows you to submit your events once and then publish them across multiple sites. This saves both time and money compared with paying for each submission separately.

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