4 Ways to Create Buzz Around your Event

Create buzz around your event



The best events are the ones that create a buzz long before they happen. The reason we know this is because of how much we love our favorite festivals, conferences and industry events. Whether it's the incredible programming or just the chance to be surrounded by like-minded people, these occasions become something you look forward to months in advance. People talk about them at work, they plan time off around them, and they even try to get into a special event simply because everyone else will be there too (and it'll make for some great Instagram stories).

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Want More Attendees? Here’re a Few Strategies to Get Those Bums in Seats

Want More Attendees

The goal of any event organizer is to fill their event with attendees and make sure they are having a good time. This can be tricky, as it requires you to maximize the number of interested potential attendees while also ensuring that those people attend your event when it happens. If you want more people in your audience, consider these strategies:
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Nonprofit Event Promotion – 10 Strategies For 2022

nonprofit event promotion


Whether physical or virtual, successful fundraising events are vital for any organization’s future. A well-promoted organization is more likely to receive help from its connections when needed, making it necessary to be known to the world.

Whether you’ve just started with the planning or near the event date, you need an effective marketing plan for nonprofit event promotion to get hooked with previous and new donors to make it a success.
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Best Social Network for Promoting Academic Conferences: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn?



Academic social networking sites, or ASNS as they are referred to, are digital platforms that have been gaining immense traction over the last few years as means of publishing and sharing academic content. From research papers and academic events to professional networking, ASNS are bringing about a paradigm shift in academic information disbursement.

Having said that, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn are communities that haven’t been given their due for their immense capabilities in event promotion & communiqué. Let’s look at how we ought to leverage these seemingly informal platforms to promote academic conferences.

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5 Effective Ways To Automate Tasks When Planning an Event



Most event planners struggle with having lots of essential tasks that need to be carried out with great detail to ensure the smooth flow of their events. For example, managing the signups and registrations, organizing the guests, sorting out billing and invoices and many other common tasks that are somewhat repetitive. To make things way more efficient and save you some time, it would be better to look into parts of event planning that you can automate.

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