Role of a Virtual Event Manager

virtual event manager


The virtual event is the present and the future of the event industry. Coronavirus has expedited what was supposed to happen a little later. People have adapted themselves to attend conferences and events from the confines of their homes. In the future, they’ll look for a choice between in-person and virtual events.

As a virtual event manager, you need to ensure you and your team is skilled enough to cater to both types of participants and have the answers to the following questions:

What virtual event (Zoom, Webex) and live-streaming (IBM Video Streaming, Vimeo) platform do you use for hosting your virtual event?
Is the virtual event platform affordable? Does it offer nonprofit discounts or loyalty discounts on renewals and add-ons purchases?
Is the platform scalable for a larger audience?
What engagement tools does this platform offer to keep the participants engaged and connected? Chat, video calls, matchmaking?
Does it offer the option for participants to ask questions live via audio/video?
Does the platform offer training sessions for speakers and moderators? If so, are they charged extra?
What is the minimum internet speed required for participants to get connected and to be able to watch the live streams?
What sort of technical support is provided? Do they offer on-premise virtual tech support?
How do the speakers upload their pre-recorded videos and slides? Does it offer a platform for speakers to manage their information?
What level of reporting and analytics are offered by the platform?

Need help with your virtual event? Our team of virtual event managers and the state-of-the-art virtual event toolkit can together make it possible.