How To Select a Virtual Event Company for Your Event?

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There are numerous virtual event companies out there hosting virtual events for years. It is their territory, and they know their way around it. On the other hand, some companies have just set foot in virtual event planning, brought about especially by the coronavirus pandemic. But your concern does not only lie with an experienced company, rather a several factors.

Running a successful virtual event requires an extensive and all-encompassing skill set, including moderating, filming, broadcasting, writing scripts, and much more. It also translates to virtual event companies knowing their way around technology and then some. But how can you choose a specific company to execute your event successfully?

Choosing From a Sea of Virtual Event Companies

A simple search on Google will yield numerous results for virtual event companies in all shapes and sizes. These will include those listed on a map with advertisements, and there will be more than you can count on the upcoming pages. However, you only need one company and pick it out of this sea of virtual event companies. So, where do you start?

Any company out there can claim to be a reputable and reliable one. But it would be best if you verified it for yourself. Below are some of the qualities you need to look for when choosing a virtual event provider to invest your hopes and money in.

1. Experience In Virtual Event Planning

The first thing you need to look at is experience. Check the company’s website and history to learn more about any other virtual events they have organized, specifically those similar to what you have in mind.

Remember to not discriminate against a company if it is new. The coronavirus pandemic has led to numerous virtual event companies popping all over the place. However, be thorough with your research and look into its experience and background. You can also go check out the more prominent employees working at the organization if you want.

2. Digital Marketing and Social Media Presence

Make time to carry out an audit of some potential virtual event companies. This is especially important because research indicates that 89% of virtual planners engage with their clients through social media. Thus, they are well aware of the importance of this tool and will use it to the best of their abilities for your event as well.

Go online and find their website, a recent blog, or social media presence. If available, take the opportunity to opt for a newsletter or a free download. As aforementioned, you will need your chosen company to promote your event. Therefore, it is only logical that they know enough about it to do right themselves.

3. Resources And Budgeting

Whether you frequently need to organize events or this is a one-time situation, you will want to choose a company that can execute your event effectively within the given budget. Companies allot at least 10% to 20% of their total marketing budget to planning virtual events, while you may prefer to act differently. Either way, when choosing from a sea of virtual event companies, be sure to pick one that has the ability, resources, as well as connections, to successfully carry out your vision.

4. Creativity

The kind of events, virtual or otherwise, organized by a company can make or break your perception of them. Successfully executed events with efficient engagement can attract prospective clients and inspire and impress those who attend. 49% of marketers believe that audience engagement is one of the most important factors of any virtual event.

Thus, if you want to know just how creative and engaging virtual event companies can get, then be sure to ask all your potential ones for a portfolio. You can also go through their website and look at any case studies posted there for a better idea of their success.

5. Attention To Detail

The world is readily adapting to virtual events, conferences, and meetings. However, there are still things that can go wrong as people learn to navigate this primarily virtual world. This is where attention to detail and careful planning comes in. When scoping out potential virtual event companies, be sure to question them regarding their safeguards. Ask them how they cater to any unforeseen issues and how they deal with these.

6. Communication

No matter which company you hire, it should be accessible to you at all times. When it comes to virtual event companies, they need to be especially great at maintaining a consistent line of communication in case something goes awry during the virtual event.

Before you decide to select them, inquire about the company’s turnaround time for emails and calls. Question them regarding the regularity with which they update customers regarding status reports and proceedings.

7. Certifications And Professional Affiliations

If you want to know just how committed a company will be to you and your virtual event, then you need to go through their certifications and professional affiliations. You can also vet selected employees to verify their credibility for your peace of mind. This will help you understand whether the serious or professional organization you consider.

8. Testimonials And References

More than anything else, what matters is the reputation of any company, even virtual event companies. You can gather all the information you want from websites and blogs, but what customers think about a company holds considerable weight because it is a true testament to their success. Go through the testimonials present on the company’s website and social media pages. In addition, if someone you know has availed of a virtual event company’s service before, be sure to take a detailed firsthand review from them.

Once you have considered all the factors above and thoroughly vetted your potential virtual event companies, you can go ahead and pick one that appeals to you the most and is the most capable of successfully executing the kind of event you are hoping to have.