Reinventing the City Conference Hosted 70+ Hybrid (Virtual & in-Person) Sessions with Dryfta – Case Study

hybrid sessions


The conference went very well and we are very happy with the Dryfta platform

AMS Institute believes in re-inventing cities by generating ideas, talent and collaborations with the cities of today. They perform active data analysis and design to generate sustainable, prosperous and successful improvements to our cities. With cities in grids, there’s room for improvement. Cities are the place we live, work and play. They’re also the place where major transitions occur. It’s precisely that reason that they need to explore urban innovation. Such as mobility, circularity, energy transition, climate adaptation, urban food systems and digitization; this will help kick off or boost efforts to improve liveability and sustainability.

Just as cities have grown, so has the need for innovative solutions for equally impacting our future. The conference ‘Reinventing the City‘ set the stage to spark a dialogue between different groups that work in science and research, to strategize solutions and have an impact on our future.

The conference had over 600 participants, ranging from scientists to students who bravely discussed how to reinvent the city; transforming its systems for people who will use it. For example, liveable, resilient, and sustainable cities that offer economic stability, by transforming their systems on a metropolitan scale.


Virtual event toolkit Dryfta


AMS Used Dryfta for:

Collecting abstracts, Uploading pre-recorded videos, Sending email campaigns, Creating Event website, Selling registration tickets, Creating hybrid environment with virtual live meetings and physical meetings all at once, virtual posters, interactive event schedule, Session live chats, and Q&A.

100+ Abstracts submitted

AMS asked its authors to submit their abstracts and upload their presentations via Dryfta. During a symposium, participants at the physical location and those who are attending the conference virtually, will join the live Q&A session together to discuss the papers in the symposiums.

70+ Virtual sessions

The attendees joining from the event location watched the presentations along with the participants attending it online. There were concurrent sessions and in each session venue, there was an external camera to livestream the meeting proceedings to virtual participants. Once the presentation is over, both the attendees at the physical location and the virtual participants could ask the questions. For virtual participants, all they had to do is put on their mic and start asking their questions.

The keynote sessions were expected to attract more than 500 participants, so we livestreamed them instead to ensure seamless viewing.

Private messages & session chats

The integrated chat feature allowed attendees to connect and send messages with emoticons. The point system makes it more fun for event organizers to incentivize attendee engagement based on their level of participation. Moreover, the session recommendations help drive more focused opportunities. The meeting scheduler, plus Attendee Matchmaking tool, allowed attendees to engage in conversations.

Recommendations to others considering Dryfta

The conference went very well and we are very happy with the Dryfta platform. Highly recommended!