Dryfta Launches its Free Event Platform

free event platform


All-in-one event management platform

Dryfta all-in-one event management platform is a true ecosystem of event technology created and managed by Dryfta and sold at transparent and low prices. From tools for badges and check-in to mobile event apps, registration, abstract submissions, websites, virtual meetings, event scheduling, gamification, and more.

The platform was launched to offer an alternative to “cash-strapped nonprofits” who needed a solution for hosting their events. It already offers a multitude of features that make it easy to organize successful events. Dryfta now introduces the free event platform, making it even easier to host events on your own. 
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The Reason We Stopped Our Free Plan


Dryfta is an all-in-one event management platform for universities and non-profits. Until a few months ago, we had a free plan for event organizers to host events for up to 30 registrants. With access to all features. Without any time limitation on usage. It was a plain, simple free plan. Until we realized it wasnt. We were giving up too much for nothing.
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The revised Free plan – Dryfta Event Platform

The Free plan has been revised and will come into effect from today, 11th March, 2016. From now on, all new event platforms created under Free plan, will be able to manage up to 60 contacts and as many abstract submissions.

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