10 Best Folding Bikes to Ride within City



Given the city’s daily hustle and bustle, it is no wonder that most people are opting to cycle to places within reach these days. And what with the presence of folding bikes in the market. But even among such handy and compact modes of transport, there are a variety of types. Each of these suits a single terrain type, which is why you should be doing your research before going out and buying one.

But, before we go into details of the various foldable bikes out there and which would make the best for a city-terrain ride, let’s take a look at the benefits of using these flexible bikes.


Benefits of a folding bike?

Well, the first and most obvious perk of having this foldable two-wheeler is that you can easily avoid all the fuss of being stuck in traffic. Just whizz past all the hustle and bustle and get to work on time, every day of your life. Plus, there are special lanes for cyclists in developed countries, waiting for you to take advantage of them.

The fact that these little bikes can be folded and stored away is another factor that makes them perfect for city-dwellers. Imagine a smooth travel path on your bicycle all the way to work or to the nearest subway station. Doesn’t that sound heavenly in comparison to spending hours in gridlock, surrounded by smog?

In this article, we’ve gathered all of the best biking options for those living in the concrete jungle. The rankings here consider the features, size, affordability, user experience, and overall, a good fit for life in the metropolis.


Brompton S2L Superlight


πŸ‘ Best Used For
Commuting and basic metropolitan riding.

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Lightweight body
β˜‘ Compact foldable size
β˜‘ Titanium and steel frame
β˜‘ 2-speed gear combination
β˜‘ 15-second folding

πŸ’° Pricing
US$ 1,100 and above


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OPUS Classico Lightweight Urban Bicycle



πŸ‘ Best Used For
City terrain travel and classic urbanscape usage

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Ultra-light aluminum build
β˜‘ Premium, meta-alloy wheels and spokes
β˜‘ 9-speed Shimano drivetrain
β˜‘ Comfortable, faux leather seating
β˜‘ Available in two color choices
β˜‘ Suspension-free

πŸ’° Pricing
US$ 759.00Β 


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Brompton B75



πŸ‘ Best Used For
Concrete-jungle cruising, routine rides through gridlocks

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ 3-speed gear hub for speed boosts
β˜‘ Ergonomical M-type handlebar for maximum control
β˜‘ Minimal space occupancy when folded
β˜‘ Reinforced steel frame with a stabilizing design for endurance
β˜‘ 5-year warranty on frame

πŸ’° Pricing
Starts from US$ 880


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Jamis Coda S3



πŸ‘ Best Used For
Casual street cruising and cross-country rides

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ 20mm doubly reinforced rims for maximum contact area
β˜‘ Double-butted chrome-molybdenum alloy for high tensile strength
β˜‘ Hydraulic-control brakes for effective and shortest stop durations
β˜‘ Fully fortified stainless steel spokes for supreme wheel balance

πŸ’° Pricing
US$429 and up


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Crosshead Sport Folder SF1A



πŸ‘ Best Used For
Quick rides through bustling traffic or a slow cruise on weekends

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Large, 20” wheels for better stability and contact area
β˜‘ 10-speed, Shimano Tiagra gear systems
β˜‘ Unique Z-fold mechanism for quick stowing away
β˜‘ Heat-treated aluminum frame with reinforced, casted joints.
β˜‘ Multiple color choices

πŸ’° Pricing
US$ 2,000 and above


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Dahon Speed D7 Street

DAHON Speed D7 Street


πŸ‘ Best Used For
Cool cruising and to-and-fro trips from work to home

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ 20” strengthened aluminum rims for maximum stability and control
β˜‘ 7 different speed levels
β˜‘ High quality, Shimano drivetrain mechanism
β˜‘ Latticed hinges on a lightweight chromoly alloy frame
β˜‘ Three color choices : Azure, Mandarin, or Obsidian
β˜‘ Quick folding : under 15 seconds

πŸ’° Pricing
US$ 549 and up


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Tern Verge X18

TERN Verge X18


πŸ‘ Best Used For
Urban cycling adventures and daily use

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Hydroformed aluminum frame with triple-patented technology
β˜‘ Closely precision-machined, stainless steel hardware for perfectly fitting joints
β˜‘ 18-speeds for perfect cruising velocities
β˜‘ 26 sprocket, Shimano Capreo gearing
β˜‘ Aerodynamic, KINETIX Pro 20” wheels

πŸ’° Pricing
From US$ 1,800 and above


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Schwinn Adapt 1 Folding Bike

SCHWINN Adapt 1 Folding Bike


πŸ‘ Best Used For
Casual riding through city streets and daily commutes

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Ultra-light alloy folding frame for easy logistics
β˜‘ 20” fortified alloy wheels for ultimate balance and contact
β˜‘ 8 unique speed levels
β˜‘ High-caliber Shimano Acera gearing for a smooth ride anywhere
β˜‘ Protected with Schwinn’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
β˜‘ Complimentary nylon carrying bag

πŸ’° Pricing
US$ 650 and over


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Raleigh evo-2



πŸ‘ Best Used For
Weekend rides at the city park or when you’re in the mood to commute to work

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ Strong alloy frame support for smooth cruising
β˜‘ 7-sprocket gearing for flexible speed control
β˜‘ 45-second folding
β˜‘ List all the relevant events in your community
β˜‘ Doubly-hardened alloy 20” rims
β˜‘ Safety latches to prevent mid-ride folding

πŸ’° Pricing
US$ 300 and up


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B’Twin Tilt



πŸ‘ Best Used For
Cruising through high-density traffic and daily rides to work

🎯 Key Features
β˜‘ High tensile steel frame for maximum support
β˜‘ 6 interchangeable gears for smooth rides throughout
β˜‘ Exclusive Shimano kinetic lighting mechanism
β˜‘ Lifetime guarantee

πŸ’° Pricing
US$ 200 and further


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With these handy bikes that you can fold away in seconds, you can bid a hearty goodbye to those endless hours of being stuck in a seemingly endless queue of cars. Not only that, but you’ll also be doing Mother Nature a small favor of reducing the already ballooning emissions problems. Make the right choice, get one of these nifty things, and ride carefree.