Virtual Events

This virtual event toolkit includes ready-to-use tools for online ticketing, live meetings & webinars, paper submissions & reviews, on-demand videos monetization, program scheduling, community engagement platform and participation certificates.

Sell tickets to virtual meetings & pre-recorded videos on your website.

  • Create ticket types for webinars, virtual meetings and on-demand videos
  • Accept payments via Stripe, PayPal, Square, and other payment gateways Set up your virtual event platform
  • Control who can purchase the tickets and who can view the virtual meetings & on-demand videos
  • Upload pre-recorded videos in your sessions so anyone who purchases the ticket could watch it
  • Live stream your webinars for those who paid for it
  • Set attendee capacity on how many people can purchase the ticket and attend the virtual meetings & live-streaming sessions

Collect & Manage abstracts/talks, and assign them to reviewers.

  • Self-service dashboard for speakers to submit abstracts, posters, talks etc and upload videos and slides
  • Fully customizable abstract submission, review submission & registration forms
  • Accept/reject submissions and notify authors and co-authors automatically
  • Export submissions into CSV & PDF format
  • Filter submissions & reviews by custom data points
  • Conference proceedings – Publish abstract book in PDF, MS-Word & CSV

Livestream your webinar on your event website – powered by IBM Video Streaming platform

  • Display your virtual sessions in a virtual event gallery with filters to search for these sessions
  • Create speakers’ bio and add them to their respective sessions
  • Set date, time & attendee capacity for each session
  • Livestream your webinar on your website (Dryfta uses IBM Video Streaming for livestreams) so users do not have to switch between your Webinar platform and your website for each virtual session
  • After the live sessions are concluded, build an on-demand library with your session recordings
  • Monetize by selling access to your on-demand videos

Attendees purchase tickets online and check-in to webinars or watch the pre-recorded videos & livestreams.

  • Let attendees watch livestreams and webinars from across the globe with the leading videoconferencing & live-streaming platforms.
  • Create breakout sessions for invite-only participants
  • Join anywhere, on any device; Enable waiting room to control who can the access the virtual meeting
  • Engage participants and speakers with built-in collaboration tools for screen sharing and annotation
  • Monetize and sell access to your pre-recorded videos; Increase audience engagement with real-time chats, questions/answers and live polling

Integrate your Zoom account (Webex & GoToWebinar integration coming up soon)

  • Connect your Zoom account with Dryfta platform
  • Create & update virtual meetings and webinars from within your Dryfta platform: Participants would check-in from your Dryfta-powered event website and are automatically redirected to Zoom to attend the webinar
  • Enable live recording of each session and later use Dryfta to monetize & sell access to these video recordings as on-demand sessions
  • Control who can join the meeting; Manage seating capacity and waiting list for each session
  • Enable a post-event survey to collect feedback on the presenters, content, and audience satisfaction. The “Take a Survey” button comes up 10 minutes before the session ends
  • Monetize your meetings – charge a registration fee for each virtual meeting and collect payments via PayPal, Stripe, Square, and other payment gateways.
  • Webinars and meetings can be live-streamed across social channels with Facebook Live, Facebook Workplace, and YouTube Live & custom live-streaming services

Participants & Speakers engagement tools

  • Attendees can submit questions to speakers and get an answer during the session or post-session
  • Speakers can create polls during a live session and encourage attendees to participate in it
  • Attendees can participate in live polls and view live results
  • Engage in real-time discussions & group chat
  • Download slides uploaded by speakers

Attendee networking platform

  • Full-featured community networking platform with separate rooms for each theme and topic; Post comments, upload photos and files and upvote comments posted by other participants
  • Send connection requests to participants, collect their contact information and engage in private chats
  • AI-assisted, Intelligent matchmaking tool where system finds and recommends participants with similar interests
  • Meeting scheduler: Attendees can create their own availability slots so fellow attendees can request a meeting with them from one of the time slots
  • 1-to-1 video meeting: Do a one to one video meeting with your connections
  • Instant messaging – Engage in an instant chat with a connected participant during and after a session

Exhibitors engagement platform

  • Browse exhibitors listings, watch product videos and view links to their social networks
  • Setup instant 1-to-1 meetings with exhibitor’s representative
  • Send one-click, instant messages to exhibitors
  • Download product resources eg. catalogues, pdfs and videos
  • Participants can collect their vCards (contact information) and later download them in a spreadsheet or add to their phonebook

Automated email notifications & text messages

  • Automated meeting reminders sent to participants at regular intervals
  • Notify participants of any changes to the session with a quick notification
  • Send instant text messages on participants’ registered phone numbers
  • Notify speakers of their upcoming sessions via text messages

Create and send participation certificates

  • Design & customize participation certificates for your conference attendees and staff.
  • Upload conference logo, add certificate content, add authority details and signature, choose a usertype and print certificates for all users at once.
  • Send dynamically-generated personalized participation certificates to attendees at once using our email broadcast tool
  • Attendees can also download their participation certificates from their own dashboard