Sell Tickets on your Event Website using Square Payment Gateway

Less than 5 percent of the people have PayPal account, while more than 95 percent have credit cards. If your event website permits only PayPal, it will mean that most attendees will be unable to pay. In such a case the creation of your event website was pointless. Therefore, a credit card processor is necessary to facilitate all payments and not just PayPal.



Square payment gateway charges lower transaction fee (2.75% on card swipe), is very user-friendly, and has option to transfer money to your bank account instantly. Also, since we already have an integration built for Square, just like we have integration for Stripe, PayPal, Cybersource and other payment gateways, it takes only a few minutes to set up your payments form.

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Dryfta received 2018 High Performer award in G2Crowd’s Usability Index report


Dryfta has achieved 2018 High Performer Award based on the responses of real users for each of the Usability Index related questions featured in the G2 Crowd review form.

Dryfta’s Usability Index ratings were highlighted by ‘Ease of Use’, which scored [8.9], and Dryfta’s ‘Ease of Admin’ was [9.3] compared to the category average of [5.3].

The Usability Index Report is based on ratings by business professionals. Dryfta received ten or more reviews and five responses for each of the usability-related questions to qualify for inclusion in the Usability Index.

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Event Planning Guide [PDF] for Managing Academic Conferences


How-to guide to manage academic conferences

Planning an academic conference?

The first thing that comes to mind right away is how to pull it through successfully managing the conference, making sure every task is done seamlessly and smoothly, online registrations and abstract submissions are being taken care of, attendees are considerably engaged, food is good, transportation & logistics are error-free, and last but not the least, ensuring that event organizers get a decent ROI in terms of monetary profits and attendees engagement.

We went through every step involved in conference planning and created a How-to guide for you. This event planning guide lists the step by step approach for planning and managing an academic conference:

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Dryfta has Won Accolades for its Event Management Platform

Dryfta earned recognitions lately after having gone through a review of trusted B2B directory The results were very positive – our event management software emerged with a score of 8.0 out of 10 and a perfect user satisfaction rating of 100%. We were also mentioned as one of the top SaaS software solutions on their platfrom.

Reviewers observed how our platform specially designed for universities and non-profits is able to help users conceptualize, plan and manage events within a cloud based environment. The software experts further noted the comprehensive features and event management capabilities of Dryfta to facilitate planning events and turning them into successful events.
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Dryfta event CRM: Merge Duplicate Contacts & Associated Information

At times, attendees register twice using different email addresses for various reasons. For example, sometimes they forgot the password and instead of requesting a new password, they would simply create a new account. Or, if a subordinate has created an account for a user, and has not notified about the same, the user would unknowingly register again to create an account. There’re many other scenarios where duplicate accounts are created with each account holding some important information about the user. So, normally, the organizer would manually copy each piece of information from one account to another and then discard one of the accounts. This, however, results in lost time. Lots of lost time.
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How Much did you Get out of Your Event?

To find your event ROI quickly & easily, the simplest way is to sum all revenues and expenses and then subtract total expenses from total revenues (Event revenue – Event expense = Event returns). This is the fastest possible method to calculate your return on investment. Please note that this, however, does not include other more important event attributes viz. leads generated, returning attendees, meetings requested, marketing campaigns, attendee engagement, customer satisfaction, Press mentions, social network influence etc.

expense management
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